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Through the Water Bottle

By @Tangerine

Through the Bottle

Rosemary was sitting in her backyard, feeling bored. She had a spring water bottle with her. No one was at home except her pets. But her only pets are a goldfish and a ringneck dove. No fun to cuddle with like a cat. No fun to play with like a puppy. Just stuck in one place- perhaps one place forever. 

She listened to the cardinals chirp and the upbeat cicadas buzz in the treetops. She groaned in displeasure, envying their excitement and love of life.  

Rosemary reached for her water bottle and took a sip. Without noticing, she happened to stare down at the bottom of the bottle, the very bottom. She had crunched the bottom of the bottle numerous times before; sometimes out of having a sore hand, but usually out of pure boredom. It formed curious swirls and bumps that seemed to leap and dance in the afternoon sun. 

She gazed for a really long time. She saw a silver horse chasing a glass dog. She saw ladies riding on golden horses in rainbow coats, birds soaring through what looked like a shimmering sky, and fish circling a lake with joy. 

Rosemary pried her eye away, delighted at her findings. She listened closely to the cheerful cardinals and cicadas and instead of feeling on the brink of jealousy, she felt connected. 

She crunched the bottle some more. She glanced down again. Twice the number of horses, many more dogs, triple the amount of ladies, plenty more birds, and a myriad more fish! 

But what else Rosemary saw was a tiny reflection of herself, smiling back at her.  

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