Through The Eyes Of A Blind Man

By @eborrienz

Through The Eyes Of A Blind Man

By @eborrienz

~BOOK ONE OF THE FIVE SENSES SERIES~ In a world plunged into chaos after the nuclear war of 2030, there is one man who is the hero the world needs. His name? Magnus Caster. And Samuel George will do anything to get rid of him.

Chapter 1

Prologue ~ 30%

The nuclear war of 2030 killed 50% of the worlds population. 

Those who weren’t killed instantly fell ill with diseases too horrible to begin describing and died not long after. 

This left only 30% of the original world population. 

They were the lucky ones. The survivors. The naturally selected. The mutated. 

The radioactivity in the air caused DNA to change drastically. The 30% gained abilities no other humans had had before in the history of the human race.

The 30% gained superpowers.

With 70% of all people dead, the radioactivity devastating the land, the ocean and the air, cities shattered to nothing more than piles of rubble, and the surviving 30% gaining abilities beyond their pre-war-selves wildest imagination; the world plunged into total chaos. 

There was no authority. No rules. No limits to what you could do. The war was the snake, the abilities were the apple, the 30% were Adam and Eve, and the world was the garden of eden. The apple was snatched and devoured with no care for the repercussions.

The 30% used their newly gained superpowers to fulfil their hearts deepest and darkest desires.

The purge had become everyday life. Murder was the new normal.

With superpowers, people believed they were untouchable. The poulation decreased further. It seemed as though there was no hope for humanity. Those who had survived through everything may have been the strongest or luckiest, but their time was still ticking away quickly; each minute being one closer to their death.

Humans were becoming an endangered species and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop it.

Until, like a phoenix, rising from the ashes of the broken cities, a hero rose. 

Magnus Caster became the comic book superhero the people had wished for. He took on the biggest supervillains and reduced them to pieces that needed to be swept away. 

It looked as if the world was once again settling into a sustainable pattern. Anyone who stepped too far out of line was taken care of by Magnus. 

The world was still a disastrous mess with people abusing their powers, after all Magnus Caster was only one guy; super-strength or not, but at least there was now at least one good and pure authoritative figure to protect the remaining 30%. 

Magnus was the solution the planet needed to survive. He was the saviour of this dark and devastated world.

Magnus Caster was loved and admired by all and feared and envied by the villains who wished to have the control and power.

It seemed that the only exception to this was Samuel George. He dispised Magnus. He did not fear or envy him. He did not want the power Magnus had. All he wanted from him was revenge. justice. vengeance. And he would get it at any cost.

After all, he didn’t have anything to lose.

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