Throne of Lightning

By @Phiolet
Throne of Lightning

Violet Secrest was a normal girl who lived a normal life. That is, until it was October 31, the day she turns 18. That's when everything turns upside down. Her once normal life had now became one that broke the picture of reality with magic. A witch who lived a lie, who's family has a bad reputation, and who will forever be followed by betrayal. But all that does not matter when there is a dark force upon them. What choices will she make? What side will she choose? One of darkness or of glory?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Birthday Surprise

I woke up to see a sliver of light gently touch my face peeking from the window curtains, and the sound of a beeping clock. I rolled over to lay on my back and look at the ceiling above me. It was October 31. It was my birthday! The day I turn 18! It was also Halloween. I got up out of bed pushing my white fluffy blanket off me to touch the cold wooden floor. I immediately stretched putting my arms up as the feeling of electricity goes through my body.

“Weird…” I murmured to myself, but I still go on with my day.

Walking from across my room excitedly, I open the bathroom door and turn on the lights to see my reflection in the mirror. It was me, Violet Secrest. I stared into my olive green eyes to see the mess I was. My red hair was poofy going in many different directions. My pale skin dotted with brown freckles ended up having my slobber reaching from my mouth to my cheek. I looked absolutely disgusting. I turned around and turned on the shower with warm water spewing out of it, and prepared to get ready for the day.

After taking a nice, long shower, I wore blue jeans, a white, long sleeved, v-neck shirt, small pearl earrings, and a simple gold necklace. Before I left my room, I made sure my hair was nice and wavy behind my back, and went to go and grab my small red purse and a jacket. I opened the door to meet the smell of bacon and pancakes flowing into the air. I walked down the hallway to see my mom, Rowan, cooking and my little brother, Cyrus, playing with his food.

“Good morning sweetie,” my mom said.

“Good morning, Mom. I’m going to head out now,” I said as I was about to leave only to be stopped by my mom.

“Not so fast,” my mom said grabbing Cyrus into her arms, “You’re turning 18, so it’s about time I tell you something.”

“I know, I know,” I said as I hugged my mom goodbye and kissed my little brother’s head, “We already went over this. Can I leave now?”

My mom suddenly had a serious face and said, “It’s more than just that. It’s important and you need to know now. I haven’t told you yet.”

As curious as I was, I decided to talk about it at a later time. “We can talk about it when I come home. I promise.”

She sighed, but finally let me go with one last goodbye and a hug. I ran out the door and sat inside my car. My friends and I were planning to get some breakfast first before we go bowling for my birthday. I didn’t want anything big or extravagant. Just something simple to remember with my closest friends. It had been only a couple of minutes until I reached the cafe. I went inside the cafe. The cafe had booths to the side of the wall while round tables were placed in the middle. There was also a tall, wooden bookcase with cushions and beanbags. Hanging from the ceilings were pots of plants and there were fake leaves crawling down the walls. Next to the big windows sat my friends in a red booth.

“Violet!” One of my friends, Anna, yelled out which made everyone turn to me.

I walked over to their booth and ended up getting attacked with hugs by my two friends. After receiving some happy birthdays from them, I sat down next to Isa, short for Elizabeth, and took my jacket off. Isa had short blonde hair with dark brown roots along with dark brown eyes. She has fair white skin and was wearing black ripped jeans with fishnet stockings underneath, an oversized long sleeved yellow shirt tucked in, a pair of black boots, a black choker, and a black backpack to her side. Anna, short for Savannah, had tan skin with long dark brown hair and exotic green eyes. She wore a green cardigan, blue jeans, a black turtleneck, a scarf with earthy tones, and a pair of brown boots.

“Well good morning, ladies! Will it be the usual for today again?” The waitress, Louise, asked us. She was actually a good friend of ours. She was in her forties or fifties, brown hair with mostly gray strands, and warm brown eyes.

“Hey, Louise! We would,” Isa said leaning forward towards the table.

Anna joining in the conversation said, “How has your day been?”

“Well, it’s been great actually. My husband is going to be taking the kids out for halloween this time, so I get to relax at home for a bit after work,” Louise paused to turn and look at me, “But what we should really be talking about here is Violet. Happy birthday hun!”

“Thank you!”

“You’re finally turning 18, huh?” Louise said with a smile.

“Yeah. I’ve always dreamed of this moment, but now that this has happened, I’m scared of what will happen next.”

“Well, don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’ll be able to make it just like everybody else. Now, I’m gonna get your orders before I forget why I’m here. Bye huns!” She said leaving.

While we were waiting for our food, we talked. Our conversations went from old memories, to cute boys, Isa’s brothers, college, and so much more. Despite being best of friends, we could talk about anything and never run out of ideas on what to talk about. After a couple of minutes, our food arrived. Then after we finished eating, we left and drove to the bowling alley. It so far has been fun even though I probably won’t win. Isa always wins bowling, in fact, she’s too competitive when it come to bowling even though she literally has no competition.

As Isa raised her fist to the air, she said, “Yes! Take that you two.”

“You do know that you don’t have to worry about us winning, right? Like have you seen ours skill?” Anna said getting up to get a bowling ball.

“Who knows? Maybe one of you guys is secretly some bowling champion, and you’re going easy on me. Too easy actually,” Isa said with a suspicious look.

Anna snorted, and ended up missing the pins. “You sure? Because I’m pretty sure I’m a bowling champion when it comes to losing.” We all laughed from Anna’s comment.

This went on for a little while until it was my turn again. I’m not competitive as Isa and I know I’m most likely to lose, but a part of me did want to win. I grabbed a purple bowling ball and aimed it towards the pins as much as I could. Sadly, it hit only one pin. You think Uno could break friendships? So could bowling. I was frustrated, boiling with anger. Like am I really that bad? I looked up and saw my low score to suddenly having more points than Isa’s as an electric feeling trembles down my body. I couldn’t do anything, but stare at it in shock.

“I think the system is glitching. I only knocked down one pin, and I have way more points than Isa.”

“I see. Wait here.” Anna said as she looked towards Isa with a worried face. But why would she be so worried about the system glitching? As soon as that thought came, I immediately brushed it off.

Anna went to see if there was anything that could be done. While she did that, I went to go buy some snacks. I walked towards the vending machine of snack paradise, inserted my money, and pushed a few buttons. I grabbed my phone from inside my purse and saw a lot of unanswered calls and texts from mom. All of them warning me not to come home. I immediately got worried and tried to call her, but she wouldn’t pick up no matter what. Ignoring my mom’s text, I leave the bowling alley anyways and run to my car. In case my friends question where I was, I sent them a text explaining the situation as simple as possible. Thankfully, I wasn’t too far from home so it took only a couple of minutes as thoughts started to race my mind. What if she’s dead? What’s going to happen to Cyrus? Is this because of dad? What if I never see them again? I absolutely hated this feeling. The feeling of not knowing what happened. It was just too agonizing. As soon as I parked outside my house, I saw the front door swinging wide open. I run. I run as fast as I can. Upstairs there was the sound of objects crashing to the floor, loud thumps and the sounds of Cyrus crying. I run upstairs and see my mom protecting Cyrus from… From dad. But dad looked different. He looked scary with sharp teeth and claws. Thorns and scales sprouting from his body. He looked like he was being tortured as blue liquid started to fall from his mouth.

“Dad?” I asked shocked.

They all stare at me.

And then mom started to yell at me in pure rage, “Run! Run Violet!”

Then all of a sudden It started to run after me in incredible speed, but all I could do was stand there. All I could do, in such a situation, is stare in disbelief. I was trapped in between in what was supposed to be my father, but rather a monster. I could feel it’s hot breath on my as goosebumps started to rise. The blue liquid was warm and it slowly dripped down my arm. Not only that but the electric feeling that I felt before, twice, was now much stronger. As it goes in to attack me, a sudden bolt of light strikes down the monster with a loud boom. I look away from the bright light only to open them again to see the monster in ashes below me. My heart racing. My eyes wide. My legs shaking. And my hands had electricity flowing from them in a crazed motion. I stared up at mom and she too, has a face showing shock.

“W-what did I do? Mom! What h-happened?” I couldn’t help but let tears flood my vision and fall down my cheeks.

She grabbed Cyrus into her arms and runs over to kneel down with me, “It’s ok. Come here, sweetie.”

I couldn’t help my fall into her embrace as I was balling my eyes out. I was scared for my life. All I could think of was what if I was a monster too? She takes me down the stairs and sits me down with my little brother. Then suddenly everything that was broken, that wasn’t in its right position, started float, almost as if time was reversing, back to its original position in its regular state. If only I could reverse back time to when it was once normal because right now, everything seemed break the rules of reality.

“Mom! What’s happening?”

“Calm down,” she said before pausing, “This is what I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.”

“What do you mean? It would be really appreciated if you can explain immediately. As in right now.” I said as my mind was completely shattered. I felt like I was being hysterical.

“If you let me talk I could,” mom said as she goes and sits on the couch behind her.

“You are not normal, Violet. What I mean by that is that you’re a witch,” she holds up a hand before I could interrupt and continues. “Your real name is Violet Stormborn. Not Secrest. You come from a lineage of witches and warlocks whose speciality is lightning powers.”

“A witch! You expect me to believe that?”

“Then why are your hands covered with electricity? Why did that sudden bolt of lightning appear?” Mom said.

I couldn’t say anything because that seemed to be true in this broken reality. Then I asked her, “Then what about you? Are you a witch?”

“Yes, but I’m a Roux. Those who are a Roux are blood manipulators.”

“Can I control blood then?”

“Yes, but it seems that it won’t be as strong as your lightning powers. Now, let me continue.” She says before she starts to sigh.

“What you saw earlier wasn’t dad. It was a demon that shapeshifted to look like him. You see, your line has mostly been obliterated from a past event that showed betrayal to the crown. For their crimes, they were all hunted down and executed. Only a some of them still live to this day after the crown had found out that what was left of the Stormborns were all innocent. You, your brother, and dad are a few of them.”

“What does a demon have to do with that then? And what past event?” I asked only to be interrupted by my friends storming into our house.

“Violet! Are you ok?” They said running over to me.

I look to my mother wondering if I should tell them or not. “We’re fine. A demon came and attacked us and now we’re having… the talk,” my mother said.

Mom continued to explain saying, “Savannah and Isa are witches too. Savannah is an Evergreen. They can control and produce plants. Isa is a Lyonheart. They can manipulate light. Some can produce light from their hands.”

“Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me that I was surrounded by magical beings all this time?” I questioned.

“Witches,” Anna corrected with her index finger up.

“Is Louise a witch too?” I said being just so confused.

“No. She’s 100% human.” Isa said with her arms crossed.

“I need a breather.” I said as I got up from the couch only to be pushed down again.

“No. If you were just attacked by a demon, it’s likely more might come after you. We have to take you to our world. Where you’ll be safe.” Isa said.

Mom walked over to me to sit sit down next to Cyrus holding my hand and said, “I can understand that this is just so sudden to take in. If you thought we were lunatics, we wouldn’t blame you. After all, you grew up like a human.”

“Why did I even grow up like a human anyways then?”

They all looked to each other with a frown upon their face. “We had to hide you and your brother. People will try to come after you for your magic. Lightning powers are after all, one of the strongest powers to have. It isn’t as strong as the top three, but it still is. With your powers and the amount of those of the Stormborn line, you are very desirable right now. It also makes you in danger to many threats. You wouldn’t be able to live a free and happy life. We didn’t want that for you.”

She paused and looked up from my hand in hers to my olive green eyes, “Please, Violet, we need to take you to safety. There you can spend as much time thinking about your situation.”

I thought about it for a while and I knew that we would still go even if I said no, so I said, “Promise?”


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