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Those who can’t remember history

By @rue_lourd

The world’s in uproar

a virus, no cure

Americans fighting against the

Police, what for this

time? A black man,

killed by a policeman

They scream racism, protesting

President declared martial law

I’m glad I don’t

live there. But still

It’s sad, so many

things are happening all

at once, I can’t

keep track of everything.

I need some time

a time to pause

to think and reflect

“Those who can’t remember

history will repeat it”:

all they do is

talk about the past.

Too much time looking

back, this is why

we keep fighting over

the same things, like

equal rights and land

power and money and

materialistic items, which are

ultimately useless, after all

we are all the same

when we are buried

six feet under; there’s

no difference between a

white man’s skeleton and

a black man’s skeleton.

The virus is causing

worldwide chaos, schools close

no education for us

I guess I’ll fail maths

and religion, too, I

should have studied more

for the winter exams.

People are dying, and

all they talk about

on the news is

how many deaths there

are and how the

public are breaking rules.

High up politician breaks

quarantine, he drives for

miles to his parents

with his wife, children

no penalty for him.

“Exceptional circumstances”, they say

Exceptional meaning that he

will do what he wants

he doesn’t follow the

same rules as us,

the common people, the

large, panicked general public.

“Do as I say

not what I do”

One rule for them

another rule for us.

Time to pause, now

I think I’m thinking

too much, a common

occurrence in my head.

No one likes a

person who talks too

much, especially when they

know what they’re talking

about. Good for me,

then, that I’m not

sure what these situations

mean, as I sit

here at home, alone,

writing a rambling commentary

on the human nature:

power, fame, and fortune.

It seems that’s all

anyone cares about now.

Our “Leader” a puppet,

Who’s pulling the strings?

The man who breaks

quarantine, as the nation

calls for his resignation.

Time to pause, after

all; I think I’ll

stop talking now, and

go do something to

make my mind stop

thinking about things in

which I hold no

knowledge, stop it from

commenting on things which

it really has no

right to comment on.

I’ll listen to my

music in the corner

and watch history repeat

itself endlessly, always led

by slavering, corrupt dogs.

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