This I Believe

By @Brittanywall

This I Believe

By @Brittanywall

Chapter 1

I believe in friendship. I believe in friendship because I think everyone should have someone that is there to talk to and who understands things that others might not. Also from friendships different lessons are taught. 

I have had multiple different friendships and from each I have learned different things. In every friendship there are going to be disagreements which might turn into arguments. Those arguments should not cause the friendship to end. 

During freshman year I made new friendships and lost old ones because I would not see the people that I was use to seeing everyday and would talk to. It was not that I did not like the friends that I had before it was just that I did not talk to them as often as I use to so we fell off. I think that it is good fro friendships to end and to make new ones. I think when this happens we grow. 

Now I see that it when it comes to friendships it is better to have maybe two or three close friends than a whole bunch. There is nothing wrong with having more than two or three but when there is a whole bunch it can sometimes be harder for everyone to get a long. 

I see friendships as something that everyone should be apart of. I have had times where I thought I had no one to turn to when I need someone. I thought that I was alone but I was not. I had friends who were there to help me with the situation. 

People can make new friendships through their whole life. I have made new friends since I started working so when I am at work I can talk to the people there I can talk to and they understand what I am talking to since they also work there. If I would talk to my other friends then they would not know what I am talking about. 

It is nice to have a friend to be able to lean back on when going through things. Sometimes I think is easier to talk to a friend that is around the same age because they will understand things that are happening than someone who is not. When I have a problem I normally turn to my friends first because I think that they will know more about what I am talking to and how to help me rather than someone else.

Friendships are a good thing to have. I value the friendships that I have. If I did not have the friends that I have I would be lonely and have no one to talk to. The friends that I have understand most of the stuff I go through. 

Friendships can be made with anybody. Talking to new people could start new friendships The friendships that are made with new people could last forever. I think that it is okay to talk to new people and kind of stray away from the old ones. Life can have rough patches so it is nice to be able to have people to turn to. I believe friendships are important. 


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