This I Believe

By @Gabe

Chapter 1

This I believe

I believe that boxing is the best sport, that is filled with greatness and equality. As far as I can remember boxing has been there, I have watched, and I have trained in boxing. Everything about boxing has brought me to feed my ever growing love for the sport.

Boxing brings people from different spots of the world, and then the furthest part of the world isn’t so far away. A sport that has been around for ages, and has not lost a lick of excitement to me. As I have seen many fight cards in many different places, I’ve seen  many people from antisocial to being outgoing, the person that does not talk to bring them out to where they can not shut up. It brings an exciting feeling to me to see that in boxing we are not separated by any stereotype, we are one, I believe that this is contributes to boxing’s greatness.

Not only have I learned to do something that is enjoyable to the fullest, I have learned self defence from it. Being able to practice self defense in boxing has made me stronger mentally and physically. If there is any sport that I would like to become professional, I believe boxing would be the most fun. Self discipline is not something people are born with but boxing is a easy way to obtain that skill as well with other life skills. Boxing is not to hurt others I see it as a art, and love it!

Many reasons why I love this sport and think its the best but my main is that it is a sport for anyone. I see it as When inside the ring it is not about who has more money, where someone is in life, how much stuff someone have, we are equal when in the ring. The only difference from me someone else is the style we choose to fight with, and who we believe to be the top fighter. 

I remember watching some of my favorite fighters like Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar DeLa Hoya, Saul Canelo Alvarez giving me inspiration seeing Mexicans making it big. I thought that I am not bound to any statistic, and I have found a way to express emotions. Boxing has had a massive effect on me and my life, I have found a deep confidence in myself and I believe this be to the sport of boxing. This I believe, boxing is and always and forever will be the best sport to be.

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