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This I Believe

By @Jsarich

Jacob Sarich

Ms. Gardner

College English

28 August, 2018

This I believe

I believe that kids should be withheld from technology at an early age. It is hard in this day in age to stay away from electronics considering almost everything can be done with a phone or another piece of electronic. Electronics can take away a lot from a child’s life. My own personal experience has made me look back on my childhood and wish I would have made a better effort to get out, have better relationships with friends, and do better in school; things like Playstation, Wii, and television made me stay home, and not be with my friends as much, and not focus on school work. That aspect made it much harder for me to focus in high school, and when in high school, it is a whole new ballpark, school work matters.

It is important for children of a young age to become accustomed to things like family time, friend time, homework time. My childhood didn’t have much family time, or friend time. I was inside most of the time, playing video games and watching television. That was how I had my fun, little did I know it would set me up for years of below standard performances in school. I had friendships as a kid, they were friendships that I thoroughly enjoyed having, but I chose electronics, which is a mistake that I regret to this day. My friends kind of drifted away, while I was playing games, unaware of what was to come when school got harder. Despite not having a legitimate phone until last april, gaming systems and t.v. still managed to attract my attention. School has often been quite tough for me, for many reasons. I have never really been good at school in general, but homework was especially tough for me. Years of video games and television have gotten me accustomed to lacking in the homework department, it is hard to resist, even if I know I have homework, it is still so tough for me to sit down and get work on it. My grades never suffered majorly, I still passed all my classes, but none of my grades were what they should have been, they were subpar due to my lack of prioritization.

Procrastination is another factor that can be caused by excessive use of electronics. I have had way too many personal experiences with that, all because I can’t put down my phone. That is why it is so important for children to learn the importance of school work at an early age. They will be able to resist their electronics if they put school work first, and friendships first, and relationships with family first. In the long run, those things will be a very important aspect of their lives. Doing well in school is what sets them up for a good career, it all starts with what they prioritize in their early years, homework, or electronics.

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