This I Beileve

By @katiejane09

This I Beileve

By @katiejane09

Chapter 1

I believe that everyone has their own way of being special, even if they think they don’t. I think people have their own way of being special by their own opinions/ beliefs or even by their actions. 

When I was a freshman in highschool I supported my own decisions. I did what I thought was right and what made me happy. Even though people did not like my decisions, I still did what made me happy and what made my parents happy. 

I believe that kids should look at different perspectives or think about what people go through at home before judging. In other words, judging a book by the cover. I think kids should know the person before judging someone. When being a freshman, I was coming into a new school with new people, new teachers, new faces and new everything. 

My first three years of highschool was probably one of the hardest stages I went through. I had gotten judged a lot for doing what I thought was right at the time. But now, when I look back I think to myself it wasn’t the right thing. Throughout those hard times I still told myself over and over again everyday that I am my own person and that I need to do what I thought was the right decision. 

I believe that everyone deep down has a reason why they act or do things they do. Some people go through stages at home where the only thing they have are themselves, or even just a friend that can’t relate or help them with their problems. My first couple years of highschool

I will admit were the times I would judge someone for the way dressed, the way they talk, or even the people they hung out with. I believe every kid goes through this stage whether it is noticeable or if it’s nonnoticeable. 

I believe that every kid will either face the same problems. The problem with being judged usually happens to someone at least once in a person’s life. Nobody is perfect, they are just special in their own way. Even though everyone is special in their own way, there are people out there that will think something is odd of me. There are also people out there that will not come out of their comfort zone due to people being judgemental. 

Just because I think something about me isn’t odd or judgeable that doesn’t mean other people feel the same way. I have walked into walmart one time with pajama pants on and everyone was looking at me in an odd or bad way. When they were looking at me oddly I just thought to myself they are a type of pants. People get judged by things that shouldn’t matter to anyone else if you are making yourself happy. 

I believe that even though things seem like people are just out to judge. Always stick to what makes the heart happy. Do not focus on making other people happy. I believe everyone is special in their own way.

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