This Forsaken Place (unfinished)

By @Belle
This Forsaken Place (unfinished)

Her home now destroyed by beings from another world, Liv sets out to escape the place she once loved, with she hardly expected to befriend. What she doesn't know is that the fact that she survived plays a more vital role in the salvation of humanity than anything else.

Chapter 1

Part One Intro

“Is she alive?”

“Well of course she’s alive, idiot, she’s breathing.”

“I read someplace that that doesn’t always mean you’re alive.”

“Where’d you read that? The side of old man Cravott’s dumpster?”

The buzzing in my ears was almost too loud to make out the voices at first, but as it slowly faded, I could recognize one of them, well, I knew that I knew that person, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who they were.

“Her fingers moved. She’s livin’.”

“I already told you that dimwit.”

“I’m just makin’ sure, geez.”

My eyes shot open, and immediately closed again. The blinding light of the sun struck them head on like headlights in the dead of night.

“Wake up, Liv.” My mother whispered, her voice slithering through the deepest folds of my mind. 

Wake up. I told myself, and willed my muscles to move. Slowly, I sat up, and opened my eyes again.

Grey-blue eyes stared back into mine, their home a face of tanned skin and freckles. 

“Welcome back, catfish. I thought you were a goner for sure.”

Blaise. This black-haired, loud-mouthed, southern ass of a boy who used to dare my little brother into stupid stunts, was looking right at me.

I lifted my hand to my throbbing head, 

**** this hurts.

“Hey, are you still with us?” 

To my left was another face; more round, seemingly untouched by the sun, the palest skin I’d ever seen, but no freckles or sun burns, and the darkest of brown eyes.

“I’m with you.” I said, reluctantly, and then suddenly I really was.

A tingle ran down my spine as I looked further out past them. Smoke was curling up from almost every crumbling wall, the fading light cast an eire glow through the wreckage onto the dusty ground. Everything was gone. There was no more road, because there were no more buildings, only unrecognizable piles of rubble where the structures of my home town once stood.

“Y’alright?” Blaise asked, concern shrouding his voice.

“I don’t know.” I answered hesitantly, “I don’t—-remember—”

A hand touched my shoulder, a girl with the pale skin and the lightest blonde hair was looking back and forth between my eyes.

“She’s in sh—-you’re in shock.” 

I am? Oh God I am.

“What do we do?” Blaise asked quickly.

“Lie her down,” She answered authoritatively, then whipped her head towards me and began pushing my shoulder backwards, “Lay down now, we need to get your feet elevated.”

“Woah woah—SLOW DOWN-” I answered, fighting her. I slipped away from her grasp, and quickly jumped to my feet, a mistake. My head spun again. I stabilized myself.

They were both on their feet now in front of me, looking at me like I was a wounded animal.

“Just let me get rid of the ringing.” I pleaded, taking a step backwards, the sole of my shoe grinding in the dirt. The girl took a step towards me, but Blaise stopped her with his arm.

“Let ‘er go clear her mind Em. She’s gotta remember – to come back to herself.”

“Alright, but if she’s-if you’re not back here in fifteen minutes, we’re leaving without you.” She said, her shoulders dropping resistantly, and she seemed to settle back on her heels as I turned away and began to cut through the breeze with shaky strides.

“I hope she doesn’t remember.” I heard her whisper to Blaise as I walked away, “I wish we could all just forget.”

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