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By @astrid_hartman

Falling Like Rain

He looked so cute,

Hair in his eyes

Water droplets on his glasses from the rain

As we hid under a tree,

His bright blue eyes

Focused on me.

My stomach

Got really warm 

Just by looking at him.

I wanted to tell him that he looks really cute

When he’s not trying so hard for me.

To have seen him turn bright red,

To stutter and stall, 

Would be the sweetest thing of all.

It was such a perfect moment,

The rain, his eyes, his smile.

It took me by surprise, 

This warm fuzziness inside 

(It’s been a while). 

We hugged goodbye,

As I stumbled over my words

Hoping he hadn’t heard 

How much him just being him

Effects me. 

I drove home,

Not minding the rain 

Because his smile,

His eyes, his cuteness 

Was on my brain. 

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