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By @astrid_hartman

To Dance, Is To Cry

“To dance is to cry!”

I scream at them 

Their laughter echoing off the walls at the sight of my 

Dancing feet 

“We’re only teasing,” they say 

But things are not always what they seem 


They attempt to chain me, to stop my dancing feet 

From letting my emotions free

“She is different from us,” they whisper amongst themselves 

“This simply cannot be.” 


“But I must dance!” I cry as they chain my 

Dancing feet 

“To dance is to cry,” they repeat for me 

Despisement clearly seen


“Please stop!” I beg, my face wet with tears

“Please let me dance my song!”

“You are different, a stranger to us,” they hiss

As they




“We cannot wait for your downfall.”


They finally constrict my feet, forcing me to stop

“There!” They exclaim triumphantly, “now she cannot dance!”

At all.   

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