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By @astrid_hartman


She was the fabric of our lives

Keeping us all together

Her house 

Is the only house big enough 

For all of us at holidays 


Her laughter,

Her amazing skills at cards 

Her smile 


What will come of us without her?

Without her to hold us all 



Her house will be sold,

Someone else’s family will gather there

We won’t get together anymore


She was the reason we did it at all


Without her,

Our family is without a captain,

A ship, 



We’ll all just sink back 

Into the shells of our lives 

That we’ve made in her absence,

Visit the in-laws more,

I suppose 


And what will come of me?

The only one to have moved 

So helpless from 13 hours away 

Not being able to be there 

As she breathes her last 

And our lives unravel 


I thought of her as immortal,

For I could not fathom my life without her


What will become of us?


We will move on, somehow

And grow from this,



We will have to… 



May you play bingo, winning all the prizes and beat all the angels terribly in wild rummy. May you watch the Huskers from the best seats in the house on Saturdays. Win a 300 game in bowling again with Grandpa by your side once more. 

I will wear purple for you, always… 


Grandma Ceil 

May 1, 1925-January 31, 2017

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