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By @astrid_hartman

Graduation Day

May 19th, 2016 


A sea of purple,

Gowns almost down to our ankles,

Smiles too large to contain,

The arena is packed

With nostalgia


I have gone to school

With these people

For four years,

We have become a large, loud

Dysfunctional family


And I am going to miss them.

I’m going to miss stairs that we all complained about,

I’m going to miss the beautiful sunrises,

I’m going to miss the laughter,

All the inside jokes

And how much the teachers cared…


When I walked across the stage,

I couldn’t feel my hands,

They were all tingles and numb.

Words cannot describe the feeling 

Of having others cheer you on,

Of knowing that through everything,

Everything that you went through,

That you finally made it.

That you are free. 


My face hurt from smiling, 

I couldn’t stop.

I remember looking up in the crowd

And waving at my family,

Even though we weren’t supposed to,

I couldn’t contain myself.


Once all the names were read, 

A roar went through the crowd

And the sea of purple rose 

In a wave

As caps flew in the air.

We were flying,

We were free.

We’re the class of 2016.

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