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By @astrid_hartman

Queen of Broken Hearts

I didn’t mean to hurt you,  

To cause you such pain.  

But you keep looking at me, this empty look of yours  

As though I,  

Am to blame.  

And, no matter how many times I say I’m sorry,

I know it won’t be enough  

For when you look at me, you see everything you’ve ever wanted  

Yet, something you can never have  


I wish it was different, how I wish I could change  

But you don’t seem to understand that  

All you feel, 

Is the pain.  

I want to console you, tell you that everything’s okay  

But, I don’t lie anymore, I’m done playing that game 

I know that now, all you see is a terrible person 

Who is holding something broken 

A ruined piece of art. 

For, I have dealt you nothing,

Yet you have shown me your precious heart 

But, there is something that I must tell you, something tragically real  

I am the Queen of Broken Hearts 

And I’m afraid that I may always yield…

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