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By @astrid_hartman

The Metamorphosis

He did not deserve

To take me to prom,

To see me dance the night away

And throw caution

To the wind,

To not worry about

What others thought,

And dance like there

Was no tomorrow


My friends bantered back and forth

All through the night

Making me laugh,

Until my sides hurt


We stole balloons,

We contemplated taking candles, too

We wore masks and viking hats

We danced in the dark

To the beat of our hearts


We were beautiful,

We were hilarious, 

We were seniors in high school

Free for one night

In the place we call our prison

To do whatever we pleased


The lights strobed,

Making us different colors,

Blues and greens


That car ride home

At 3 in the morning

Turning up the radio,

To serenade me

As I laugh, for that’s all I can do

She is such an amazing person,

Through and through 


I walk inside the house,

The porch light on

Taking the makeup wipe,

Transforming back

Into who he sees me as

The shy girl,

The door-mat, 

The girl who always wears sweatshirts


But, for one night

I was someone new,

Someone exciting,

Someone who wasn’t through

With life

And instead,

Grabbed the music by its reins,

Exhilarated by the ride,

Free of pain 

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