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By @astrid_hartman

Time Turning

Silence does make a sound

It’s a high pitch ringing

In my ears

Another reminder that you’re not here

I wish we could have remained friends,

You and I

But it just wasn’t meant to be

I was foolish, as usual

But who could blame me?

You were so wonderful,

So handsome, so kind

The perfect package

But you weren’t meant to be mine

I have been searching,

Trying to find

Someone, anyone

Who will care for me

More than a friend

Heart break after heart break

Broken heart left in your wake

But its invisible to you,

Because you don’t know

How hard I fell for you

But it’s better this way

As I write sad poetry

And try to wish away

The pain that I have caused myself

The friendship I have cost us

I am so sorry,

Truly I am

I shouldn’t have been so foolish,

So blind

But I was,

And now there’s no way

To turn back the hands of time… 

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