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By @astrid_hartman

The Rose Vine

The roses gleam in the fading sunlight

As I wait, ever so patiently

For someone to arrive

To rescue me

He promised me he would

But I doubt he will


Then why am I leaning on my windowsill?

Hopelessly dreaming

Hopelessly entangled

Like the roses on the flower box

A gnarl of thorns and beauty

The torture shown from within

Of what lovers experience

A perfect blend

Of beauty and dread

The fear of being broken, being known


My mind snaps back to reality,

As I hear his voice from below

The fading rays make his hair a brown chrisom

His noble sash sparkles with jewel

But his smile is most dazzling of all

As he whispers, breathes

“I love you.”


I become giddy with glee as I smile back,

But unable to reply because I really don’t understand

Exactly what love is,

What does it feel like?

And so I stay silent as he turns away

Leaving me with the sunset and my roses

A life of flowery betray

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