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By @astrid_hartman

Death's Kisses

She inhales Death, welcoming it

She kisses it passionatley,

Staring into his dark eyes

But she underestimates his lies

How his kisses rob her

But she does not care,

Death has left its mark on her,

Making her reckless, careless

His kisses she welcomes,

Her lungs blackened, heart bleeding

But she welcomes this pain

For with each kiss,

Ever so passionate it may be

Leaving her breathless,

She still knows she is alive

Thriving off of Death’s kisses

And when he leaves briefly,

To take another wayward soul,

She misses his kisses desperatley

She thinks irrationally, wishing to die

To make the pain subside

For now without his kisses, she feels

She feels the pain he has caused her,

The pain he masked from her

She sneaks out to meet him, when he dare return

He is her secret now

For her parents have unearthed who she’s seeing

But she cannot stop,

She loves him so much

As her parents scream, crying

To “Put that cigarette out!”

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