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By @astrid_hartman

To Fly Wingless

She looks at him with disgust in her eyes

For in her heart, she’ll know he’ll never fly

He lacks the hope to carry him

The faith to empower him

And the courage to make him unstoppable

She stretches her wings, feeling the feathers ruffle

As he continues to plead, his whines breaking the silence

Sweet silence, that is all she wished for now

She turned her head to glare at him,

Wishing he would stop talking, but how?

His excuses are weak, his ego overpowering

And she feels the need to do him a favor and report him


For it is illegal in this place to fly without wings

Why should he be any difference?

Why should she bend the rules for him?

But she cannot help but feel that he has what she did

A desire to be bold, to be different

She was the first of them to fly,

To feel what it felt like to be one with the sky

But that was several years ago

No one has asked her how she did it since

Except for him, oh why only him?

Though she believes that he lacks greatly in what he’ll need,

Nonetheless she can’t help but say yes

As she watches hi face fill with glee

He promises rapidly that she won’t regret it

That he’ll be the best

But already she’s regrettnig her decision,

Because he turned out like all the rest

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