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By @astrid_hartman

The Sky Is Ugly

I looked at her with surprise,

Thinking I hadn’t heard her right

But she repeated herself again, louder

And others voiced the same

That the sky was ugly,

It was “lame”


And suddenly I became angry with them

Though I can’t exactly tell you why

Maybe it’s because the sky can’t control it

It does not dictate how it looks

Just like people, we are combinations of our parents

And yet the sky! Why judge it?

“It does not meet our standards for the day,

Therefore it is rejected and thrown away…”

Oh I just wanted to scream, to shake them all

For being so judgmental


You may think I’m taking this too literally

And I rightfully am

But it’s because how it relates to us, the sky

We cannot control how we look

And yet we are judged for it

We cannot control our skin color

And yet we are looked down upon because of it

We cannot control anything for ourselves

Well, except our clothes, our shoes, our hair, our makeup

This world is so materialistic.


But no one ventures past the unknown

To those “other kids”

The “loser” with no friends

Well, why don’t you be the bigger person!

Make them laugh, make their day!

But everyone is too stuck in their selfish ways,

To notice the damage being done

The sad eyes and empty laughs,

False smiles

And the repeated statement, “I’m okay.”


We are all just carbon copies

Repeats of the people we surround ourselves with

And so no one breaks the barrier

Between the “cool” and the “uncool”

For some people, popularity is all they have

But does your happiness justify the unhappiness?

Justify the cackles and turned up noses,

High buns and poses,

Selfies and Miss-Me jeans?


If you take a moment and strip it all away

The makeup, the warpaint, the high end styles

You will find that we are all ugly

Yes, it’s true, we’re all imperfect in a way

But no one wants to believe that

And so things will stay, just the same


The sky will continually be called “ugly”

Because it isn’t doing things your way

It can’t help it,

But I like it that way.

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