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Think Blank

By @lavender_tea16

Think... Blank

I sit down

At my desk

The same time everyday

With my laptop in front of me

I open a document

Either old or new

Looking at things written before

Or for new ideas to form

After a while I’ve finished reading

Or thinking

And so I move my hands to the keyboard

Placing my fingers on the keys

But they won’t move

They stay still

Placed on random letters

As I stare at the screen

‘What was I got to write again’ 

I think

And think

And think

But I don’t seem to remember


So a reread or rethink

Scouring for an idea

Any idea

Because I’m supposed to write

I need to write


An idea

I place my fingers against the keys again

Looking back to the screen

Only fo the my thoughts to leave again

My fingers stuck

Staring at the blank white on the screen

Watching as the text cursor blinks back at me


It’s mocking me

The constant blinking

Telling me ‘just write’

It shouldn’t be this hard

I do this everyday

Why won’t my thoughts stick

Why won’t my fingers type…


I stare at the screen

It seems to stare back

Showing the same blankness that rests in my thoughts

So with a sigh I shut the laptop

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