Things I Keep In

By @WriterCampbell12
Things I Keep In

when I was a little girl and both of my aunts died and it hurt my dad and I lost my dad when I was 13 and i lost my grandma to Alzheimer's and i am supposed to be perfect it is hard and this is the only way that i can stay sain

Chapter 1

Memories Are Everything

billions of constellations that cover your skin each of them speaks of stolen sunlight each of them holding stones I long to lead straight through stones written in the form of splattered memories from the past and part I was not a part of so I’ll make it up as i go and assume that the freckle’s placed to the left of your collarbone could have easily been the memory of the day you cried because you found out your heart wasn’t shaped the way you thought it was and maybe some of the freckles on your back appeared when you met the girl with the long blond hair hair that caused your fear that your world would get tangled up init but more recently maybe the freckle’s placed to the right of your collarbone was the second he left you because he realized your heart was not the heart he thought it was maybe some of those freckle’s on your checks mean your world got tangled in her blond locks but when you tried to untangle yourself up to her eyes she had already cut her hair

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