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These Green Shores

By @MeaningfulMee

These Green Shores

These green shores

As we approach these green shores, once again.

I can’t help but long for more,

from this life.

You see,

My house has never been my,


You see,

there is a fine line between welcome home and alone,


My home is across that deep blue sea,

were I am me and not an obnoxious foreign accent place between a soul’s desire for acceptance and stubborn hold of her authenticity.

When I, who have lived on these green shores all my life, am asked to where do I come from.

And I know that the blood that runs through my veins is both green and blue,

I still long for somewhere to call home though.

I can never be content within the walls of small villages and catholic schools though.

And I have never felt welcome in on the shores I was born and raised.

And I could never talk with pride in my voice, That’s what I’ve been thought though.

That’s what they want though.

And I could never talk without praying to some unknown power

“I hope they don’t mention my accent”.

And I should say as we pull up onto these green shores,

“I’m home” but instead I cry.

Cos these green shores despise my entirety.

And I can’t help but return the favor.

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