The Moon Pack

By @DarkWolf

The Moon Pack

By @DarkWolf

a book about a she-wolf who loses her mate before she gives birth to her pups and she gets all over protective to her pups the only she-wolf of the litter,Makaira, wants to see the territories and not be confide to her space in the packs camp unlike her brothers,santo and fran, she likes to discover new things and go to the elders cave and listen to stories and day she decides to leave the camp she goes on an adventure that would change her life forever,and finds the human that killed her father

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Chapter 1

Prologue: The beginning

The silver she-wolf sat in her den her name was Shala. She was waiting for her mate, yaha the leader of the Moon pack. she was thinking what is taking him so long she was waiting to tell him some very special news. then she herd running paw-steps and a second later a small slim she-wolf scrambled in. Shala recognized the young wolf, it was Bali, the messenger, Bali looked as if she was quite confused

“What happened?”

“ The Sun pack is here” Bali started but she didn’t need to finish, Shala knew Moon packs terms with The Sun pack. she walked out of the den to see The Sun pack with there bright yellow and orange colored pelts that were glistening in the sun. the were mostly around the entrance they were growling it seemed as if they were not trying to attack but as if they were scared. Shala went over to Neshowo the sun packs leader. There were Two other of Sun Packs warriors accompanying him.

“Why are you in The Moon packs territory, Newshow.”

” I am sorry for your loss Shala, when we were patrolling our territory around the hunters home we saw the hunter, he was carrying a something dead we thought it to be a fox or a badger but then we saw it it in the light and… his grey pelt was unmistakable.”

Shala had a whirl of thoughts in her head. How could this happen? What will become of the pack? Were a few thoughts she had

“Thank you for this information Newshow.” She said trying to hold back tears

“we will show ourselves out” Neshow flicked his tail and headed through the tunnel were two of his warriors followed and just like that they were no were near the Moon packs territory.

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