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The World Within

By @EmmaDalton1210


As Emma staggered into what looked to be an abandoned town, she glanced down at her appearance and sighed. She was wearing a turquoise and white plaid T-shirt, turquoise jeans, and turquoise and white Nike slip-on shoes, all of which were torn due to glass. She had blond hair, light blue eyes, peach skin, and multiple bleeding cuts and bruises all over her skin. I will not die here!!! Emma thought as a deep cut on her head throbbed with pain as a few drops of blood trickled down her face onto the dusty ground. As dawn rose, people started coming out of their homes to start the day.

She begged multiple people to help her, but no one paid attention to her, it was as if she were invisible. As she wandered around, the hairs on the back of her neck rose. She turned to see who she felt staring at her, but no one was there. She continued to walk, asking people to help her, but no one responded. Am I going crazy? Emma shook her head, at that moment, she had the same feeling, this time, there was someone staring at her.

It was a boy, she guessed, about her age, tall, dark ebony, emerald green eyes and pale skin. He was wearing a black bikers jacket, blue jeans, and black checkerboard Vans. As Emma limped over to the boy, her ears started ringing. She was halfway to the boy when she collapsed on the ground hard, knocking herself out though she could still feel things at that moment. She felt a pair of hands pick her up gently and carry away. Then everything went black as she lost consciousness. 

Emma felt a sting on her head and she mumbled a few words very lowly, low enough to where no human could hear. She heard a voice laugh and say “Don’t move too fast, ok?” As she opened her eyes, she saw that she was inside a home. She shot up to a sitting potion and her head started pounding but the pounding slowly faded. She touched the wound on her head gingerly and winced in pain, as she saw the boy that was looking at her earlier.

“I told you not to move too fast. I guess you don’t listen very well.” The boy chuckled. She glanced around to see where she was. The ceiling was dark brown with veins of gold in it with dark dark brown walls and floors. She could tell it was a large house due to the size of the living room. She was sitting on a dark blue velvet couch and the boy was treating her wounds.

“Who are you?” Emma asked.

“My name is Aaron, Aaron Randal. What is yours?” Aaron questioned.

“Emily Dalton, but just call me Emma.” She answered.

“Where is your family?” Aaron asked, Emma teared up.

“They’re dead, they died in the car crash.” Emma sobbed.

“I am sorry for your loss.” Aaron said gravely. He bandaged up most of her wounds, Emma noticed and he was pressing a warm, damp washcloth to her head wound gently. As she stared into his green eyes, he gazed into hers as well and he smiled and continued to treat her wound.

“Where is your family?” Emma questioned. Aaron stiffened a little when Emma asked him.

“They are on vacation right now.” Aaron said blankly. Aaron got up and went to go take care of his medical supplies that he used on Emma, as he did she noticed that he was avoiding her gaze which puzzled her greatly. He came back with a glass of water and a plate full of green grapes and a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich, which she ate happily. Aaron then took the dishes from her and lead her up to an abnormally large bedroom. It was just like the downstairs, veins of gold shooting through the ceiling and the ceiling, walls and floors were all dark brown along with the furniture.

The bed sheets were a semi dark blue color and laid across the bed neatly was her belongings. She turned to Aaron and asked him were he got this and he simply said that he went back to the crash and got as much of her belongings as he could, she smiled. He also said that she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted and Emma thanked him for everything he had done for her, he nodded and walked out. Emma explored the room but noticed she was tired so she changed into a new pair of clothes and threw the old set of clothes away. She then crawled into bed and as her eye lids grew heavy, she quickly drifted off to sleep.

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