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The world which we derseve

By @MeaningfulMee

The world which we derseve

They say behind every great man,

There’s a great woman.

And I’m not saying it’s a lie.

Or that it doesn’t hold truths.

But it’s not the whole story.

Let’s not forget,


 we can’t ever forget about those women,

Not as wives but as women.

Those women who put soup on the stove,

Left note of kitchen counter tops,

“Be back by eight, try not the burn the house down.”

Those women who stood with clenched fists on dangerous streets,

Those women who were shoot to the ground,

Placed in chains,

And rattled their cages.

Shouting words,

From pretty little lips,

And delicate little mouths,

They spoke with fire. 

Some even dying to be heard.

Let’s not forget,


 we can’t ever forget.

Those women,

Who cared,

Not most about beauty or the men in their homes,

But about creating the world we so badly deserved.

Now we bask in their glory,

But we do not live in the world we so badly deserved.

There are kids crying in their bedroom,

Fear in their eyes, 

Just cos they watched the news.

Women begging to be believed,

Being asked 

“well, what were you wearing?”

Blood staining concrete on the streets, 

They are supposed to call there own.

Shot down by those employed to protect them.

Families leaving broken lands, 

Being heckled, told to 

“Go home!”

 bathroom being battle grounds, 

For women who wanted to be seen as that,

And not just a “confused man”.

Now let’s not forget.


 we can never forget.

Why they fought so hard for so long.

Behind every great woman there is a long history of women,

Fighting to be seen and heard.

They gave us a voice,

Not the shout hate or be silent.

They gave us a voice,

Passed on the torch.

So that we could stand in these dangerous streets,

Clenched fists and standing tall.

And now is not the time to be silent or divided 

Now we have to continue the fight,

For that world we so badly deserve.

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