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The Words I Can’t Say

By @TheLoneMainer

Why Can't You See It Like I Do

Hello. I know you know exactly what I want to say.

Now don’t tell me I’m wasting my time trying to be your friend. I know you have issues, and I’m here to help you. But you have got to let me. So stop telling me that it is okay for me to end the friendship.

Your breakup was extremely dramatic. You ought to be happy she ended it when she did. Imagine living a lie. Did you want that? Wake up. There is so much more than one girl. But it is okay. You will be okay.

I never expected anything from this. I remember when you first arrived here at school. You came a few weeks late, but you almost instantly fit in with our friend group. But when you guys got close, it was… unreal. You guys were complete opposites. Nothing in common except a difficulty with school and always assuming you were an outcast. If those were all you looked for in common, you could literally have a harem here.

You guys were bound to end in disaster. Her parents disapproved of you. Would you want to be part of a family that didn’t like you? Just… too different.

And it ended. I’m her friend; I am your friend. There is no difference. I refuse to be the courier for notes. You guys are through. I’m sorry to say that I am glad. Now you must heal. And that is why I’m here for you.

I suppose I’m here because I’ve seen this before. When I was her age, I went out with the first guy who asked me. I have commitment, and we lasted five months. A relationship between a guy with a need for TLC and a girl with a dream for Prince Charming. But it was a downhill tumble. The fights were so childish. The long paragraphs guilttripping me to hell and back. It ended. Four times. And there were multiple chances only to fall again and again. But he is another chapter for another day.

I could see it in you and her. She talked about the long discussions. She was too nice to tell you she was too tired to talk.She only thought about you. And it went too far. I want to apologize for putting my nose where it didn’t belong, but I hope you can forgive me someday. But I am glad that I forbid her to text you. I will be the person I needed but didn’t have. And when I ended my relationship, he couldn’t. Even today, he contacts me, still obsessed, full of dreams that we can still have a future. And he can’t get over it.

I’m here to help you get over it and move on. Don’t get stuck in a hole that goes nowhere at all. You will be okay.

Trust me.



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