The Wolf Pack and The Witch

By @Books_and_Secrets
The Wolf Pack and The Witch

The Blue Moon pack is run out of their territory by an alliance of Hunters and Vampires. They run into the Dark Forest unaware of what is to come. They meet Gabriella Black a solitary witch who lives in the Dark Forest.

Chapter 1

The wolves chase each other over the fallen leaves on a crisp September morning. The sun has just started to peek over the horizon, chasing the dark away. One is all black and the other is gray with white paws. Suddenly, a cold wind blows and the sky crowds with clouds, torrents of rain come down on the wolves. The wolves run and run towards the packhouse. They get through the door and shift. The bones crack and grind as they fit back in place. Now, people, they run upstairs to their rooms. The black wolf turned into a 19-year-old boy with black hair and stunning blue eyes. The gray wolf turned into a woman with black hair and gray eyes. 

Beep, beep, beep.  

“ What is happening Alpha?” asked the women

“ I don’t know Ever. Have the warriors meet me outside.” said Alpha.

“ Yes Alpha.” she said and walked away.

Alpha walked out into the roaring rain and wind. He squinted and made out many people on the lawn. Not humans but hunters and vampires. His eyes widened in surprise and he runs inside. He runs to the living room where everyone has gathered. 

“ We have to leave. Now! Grab what you can and get to the vans.” ordered Alpha.

Every wolf in the park house ran around packing for the move. 

Soon everyone was packed and waiting in the vans.

“ Okay. Since they are blocking the road. We will have to take the woods to the Fallen pack.” said Alpha.

They drove slowly onto the dirt road that ran through the woods. The woods became darker and denser the deeper they went in. Soon it became pitch black, no one could see a thing and the headlights weren’t working.

“ I’m going to go out to see where we are.” said Alpha.

Alpha stepped out of the van after they stopped. A vine lashed out and wrapped around his leg. He shook off the vine and two more came out of the ground also wrapping around his legs tying him to the ground. A howl broke out of the dark from somewhere nearby. A white wolf walked out of the dark towards Alpha. The vines sunk into the ground as the wolf neared. Like the vines respected the strange wolf. Alpha stayed frozen as the wolf came up to him. 

“ Who are you?” asked Alpha.

The wolf runs down the road and looks back as to say for them to follow. 

“ Follow the white wolf.” ordered Alpha. 

They followed as the wolf ran farther down the road then turned down another path, this one was a little smoother than the one they were on. The wolf stopped in front of a beautiful castle. The castle was made of dark stone and vines covered all the walls. The wolf went to the door and silently shifted into a young girl with brown hair. Her bright green eyes gazed at Alpha as he stepped out of the van. She had on a white nightgown like she was just about to go to sleep.   

“ Welcome Blue Moon pack to my home.” said the girl.

“ Who are you?” asked Alpha curiously.

“ I am Gabriella but you can call me Ella or White Witch.” she answered.

“ You’re the legendary White Witch? But they said you died.” he asked, his curiosity growing. 

“ Yes. I can’t believe that you would listen to that mangy mutt. Sorry, but he gets me so mad. Next time I see him, he is so going to hell.” she said.

“ No one knew otherwise.” he said looking down away from the fire in her eyes.

“ Yeah. My adoptive brother decided to kick me out of the family last year because I’m not a “real” family member. So I ran to the forest and found this castle. Come on. You could catch a cold out here.” she said the fire dying from her eyes. 

“ Okay. I guess we will stay here for a few days.” said Alpha. 

“ Come. I’ll show you to your rooms. Alpha would you like to share with one of your pack members or me?” she asked

“ I’ll share with you if you are okay with that.” he said.

“ Of courses. I’ll summon another bed. No worries. Come I’ll show you.” She said and ran up to the door. 

She opened the door and kept it open for them to come in. A little black cat came running down the stairs to Ella’s arms. 

“ Hi, Bree. You missed me but it’s only been a few hours. You were asleep when I left, I would have brought you to meet them.” She said talking with the cat. 

“ Go meet our guest there outside. Turn into your wolf form okay.” She said. She set the cat down and the cat grew into a black wolf pup.

Alpha walked in through the door with a bunch of bags. 

“ Our room is the whole fourth floor. Any food you have can go to the kitchen. Wait I know, you tell me what goes where and I’ll just teleport it there.” 

“ Okay. These bags go to our room and these bags go to the kitchen.” Alpha said.

Ella waved her hand at the bags and they disappeared. The pack members come slowly in and dropped their bags on the floor. They looked around at the grand castle. It was not the most decorated castle but it had some furniture and carpets. Ella waved her hand and the bags disappeared. Bree in her wolf form was walking around everyone sniffing their legs. 

“ Hello, Blue Moon pack. I am thrilled to have your pack stay here in my humble home. My name is Gabriella or Ella or most know me as the White Witch. I hope you enjoy your stay here. All your bags are in your rooms. You may go anywhere in the castle. My castle is your castle. If anyone is hungry then food will be served in the dining room.” she greeted them.  

The pack members started walking towards the dining room. Ella popped into the kitchen and started cooking spaghetti and meatballs. She got out 6 boxes of pasta, 3 jars of sauce, and 2 packages of meat. She boiled two pots of water and used magic to speed up the boiling time. She poured 3 boxes in each pot and sped up the cooking time. She drained the pasta while making meatballs. She put the pasta in one big bowl, sauce in another bowl and meatballs in the last bowl. She levitated the three bowls to the dining room. All the pack members were seated in the chairs around the huge dining room table. She smiled and made plates float out of the cabinet. The plates and silverware set themselves up in front of everyone. 

“ Eat up everyone.” she said. That’s all she had to say then everyone dug into the food taking piles of pasta. She took some for herself and sat next to Alpha. 

“ Good thing I made a lot of pasta. Your pack is really hungry.” she whispered to Alpha. 

“ Yeah. We had to leave in a hurry without any food to eat. They didn’t get breakfast or lunch. Thank you for letting us stay.” Alpha said.

“ You’re welcome. I saw what was happening. Must have been awful to come back to that.” she said.

“ Yeah. We were lucky, we could escape. Are you sure it’s safe for us to be here? I wouldn’t want you to be in danger from us.” he said 

“ Alpha, I am the White Witch. I’m fine. Just take the plates and dishes to the kitchen, I’ll deal with them later. What type of bed do you want?” she said.

“ Any bed is fine. How long will it take to get the room ready?” he said.

“ A second. Hang on.” she said. She popped up to the fourth floor, summoned a bed from a mattress store somewhere far away, and popped back downstairs. 

“ Done. If anyone needs anything you can find me in the kitchen, fourth floor, or the library on the second floor. You may go to your rooms when you are ready. Have a good night.” she said and popped to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, she used super speed to get the dishes done and put away. Then she popped up to her room. Alpha was lying on the bed looking at her. 

“ Hey, Alpha. Excited for tomorrow?” she asked.

“ Why should I be excited for tomorrow?” he said looking at her confused.

“ You forgot about your 20th birthday. You get to find your mate tomorrow too.” Ella said.

“ Oh yeah. My birthday. How did you know?” Alpha asked sitting up.

“ I know many things. Goodnight Alpha.” she said vaguely. 


“ Call me Damon. Goodnight Ella.” said Damon.

He fell asleep while she got ready. The castle soon fell quiet as everyone slept.

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