The White Pudu

By @Joselin12345

The White Pudu

By @Joselin12345

This is a story of Pudues and how tolerate differences. The acceptance of differences is a big issue nowadays, this story show this aspect to children and help them to understand it.

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a group of four Pudues playing in the middle of a forest. The Pudues were unique, they were the smallest deers in the world, had brown color fur and they only lived in South America. Loki, Kavo, Naji and Pola, the four Pudues, were having fun playing hide and seek. But suddenly, they heard a noise. They stop playing and stayed quiet, listening to their surroundings. They heard small feet walking over the dry leaves on the ground. They were scared and got closer to each other. They could hear the steps each time closer and closer, and suddenly a small white animal appeared behind the trees. They were surprised, the animal was as small as them, and his body was similar to them but didn’t have brown fur. Kavo asked the strange animal: Who are you? what kind of animal are you?

The white little animal answered, “I’m Snow and I’m a Pudu as you are”.

Loki, kavo, Naji and Pola were astonished, they couldn’t believe Snow was a Pudu, he was white and there weren’t Pudues in that colour.

Snow said, “I saw you were playing. May I join you?”

Loki and Naji said immediately yes, but Pola and Kavo looked at each other and said “no!”

Naji asked the other Pudues why they didn’t want to play with Snow and they said since he was white, he was different, so they did not like him.

Loki and Naji were angry, they wanted to play with Snow. Loki said, he is the same as us, he just have a different colour. But he can walk, eat and play like us.

Pola said, he was ugly and did not want to play with him.

Snow was sad as he was being rejected because of his fur colour. So he decided to go back to his home.

Loki and Naji were angry at Kavo and Pola, so they decided to accompany Snow to his home.

When Snow, Loki and Naji were leaving Kavo and Pola, three beautiful big reindeers appeared and invited Snow, Loki and Naji to play. They played hide and seek all together. Kavo and Pola looked at the other pudues and reindeers have so much fun that they wanted to join them.

Kavo asked the reindeers if they could join them, but the reindeers had heard what they told Snow so they said no. They told Kavo and Pola, “you are different, you can’t play with us”.

Kavo and Pola thought about what they had said to Snow while they were seeing the others playing together. They were all different size and colour, but they could play together.

They reflected about how they were feeling and how they had made Snow feel too.

They regretted about their behavior and decided to apologize to Snow.

When they apologized to Snow, the reindeers allowed them to play, and told them they couldn’t discriminate others for their fur color or anything, because even though they had something different they could do the same things.

After that, Snow, loki, Naji, kavo, Pola and the reindeers played the whole afternoon and had lots of fun all together.

The end.

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