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The Way of Forgiveness

By @Joyful17

Forgiveness, a word to some means much,

As countless of others use it a crutch.

So many people, who still have no clue,

That why the number of people who practice it are so few.

What would our world look like today,

If people let go, the forgiveness way?

Does anyone understand that no trespass is too great,

That the victim can’t muster the courage to give up his hate?

You say, “I have a right to be angry so,

I don’t really want to let my grievances go!”

Oh, sinner, won’t you open your eyes?

And see the hands pierced,

And the wound-bearing side?

Look that wooden frame,

Hear your mocking voice,

Screaming curses at a dying Man’s shame.

See His suffering? While you turn in disgust,

Can you not bear to see the nails, by your own hands,

Being thrust,

Into His feet, covered with dust?

You start to push thorns deep into His head,

Making Him bear your crown

This Jesus has held you since before time,

As His heart rips into shreds.

Force your eyes to gaze at your sin,

Know that you can never triumph over it.

You can never win.

Now how can you stand before Him?

With your eyes filling to the brim,

Your tears coming out in choking sobs,

Your head falls, and starts to bob.

You know that you are wrong,

You know that you are weak, not a tiny bit strong.

How can this Jesus forgive you?

A sinner, murderer, liar, through and through?

Can you imagine that He longs to hold you tight?

Ignoring that you hurt Him so, and have not done a single thing right?

Just say, “I am sorry, oh how sorry I am!”

He is sure to forgive you, and call you His lamb.

Forgiveness is more than anyone can think,

It first happened with a robe stained blood-pink.

If all had noticed this amazing love,

We would all stop and praise this God,

In heaven above.

It contains such grace that we can never know,

It is through forgiveness, that we can see God’s love show.

Oh please, I beg of you, kneel!

And let His torrent of love,

Sweep you head over heels!

Bend, to Messiah’s forgiveness way,

Find peace in Him, for you I pray.

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