The Wave of Killings and arrests in Iran

By @hassan987

The Wave of Killings and arrests in Iran

By @hassan987

As she opened the shroud, she said that he was shot in the head but was quickly silenced herself, fearful of being denied permission to bury her son. She kissed her son’s body for a long time and wept for a long time. After the funeral, my mother said she had seen a bullet shot on her son’s forehead. Her son was shot in his leg in one of the protests.” In the wake of the brutal suppression of the people's uprising in November, we see and hear much more about the suppression and killing of prote

Chapter 1

chapter 1

75 years ago, in the darkness of the **** barbaric world, a huge wave of arrests broke out, followed by horrific torture and fraudulent trials and death sentences that in many cases was a gradual death of convicts by being hanged with piano strings. Even those who provided refuge and shelter for the escapees were facing death sentences.

Hitler, who had fierce anger and an endless thirst for the elimination of the opposition, urged Himmler and Colten Brenner to make every effort to identify anyone who dared to oppose him. He himself determined how to eliminate those who opposed him.

But the religious fascism ruling Iran has gone far beyond that. The regime’s security guards have not even bothered setting up out-of-court trials and shot at those who opposed them. The guards were instructed to shot the wounded in the hospital and spare no life.

These days, even with the Internet shut down and heavy censorship, more and more news is coming out, news about the killing of defenseless people during the November uprisings in Iran.

An eyewitness who said one of his relatives was injured in one of the protest scenes shares his observations while waiting at the hospital:

”One of our relatives was injured in the demonstration. It was about 4 pm that I arrived at Fatemeh Zahra Hospital. A few minutes later, several pickup cars arrived at the hospital with plainclothes gunmen and a few bodyguards.


From the very first minutes, they shouted at the people present at the hospital and forced everyone to leave the hospital building. After a few minutes, the hospital staff was forced to leave the building as well. The plainclothes told the crowd that they are after a gunman who has come to the hospital. You better not wait here because shots are going to be fired and you may be hit. A group of people was frightened and left the scene. 

But we remained at the scene, very worried. Suddenly we heard shots being fired. The plainclothes were in the building for just a few minutes. They left the hospital, no arrest was done. They left the hospital in hastily.

First, the hospital staff went in and other people followed. Although visitation had been allowed earlier, we were denied to visit anyone at the hospital till about 11:00 pm. In prior visits, the wounded were all conscious and their injuries were not life-threatening.

Late at night, a number of doctors and nurses spoke to a number of families, informing them that their loved ones have passed away. They recited a number of excuses such as lack of blood, heart failure, internal bleeding and similar reasons as the causes of death. It sounded so wrong. A nurse walked toward us informing one of the families that their 6-year-old son has died of cardiac arrest.

Her mother and sisters couldn’t believe it, there must be a mistake, they shouted. We know that he was shot in the leg, how could a broken leg because of death. No hospital staff responded to the family. After seven days, his family was contacted by the authorities. The family was asked to blame the protestors for the killing of their son and have a low-key funeral ceremony in a small town.

Under the above conditions, the body was released to the family. The family was not allowed to see his face. His mother was so restless to see her son and finally, they allowed her to see her son’s face just for a few seconds.

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