The Voices

By @PsychoMadwomen12046

The Voices

By @PsychoMadwomen12046

Voices inside my head love to hurt me.

Chapter 1


The voices inside my head,

They scream and cry,

They want out,

But I can’t let them out,

Because when I do,

I lose friends,

I lose family,

Because the voices know how to tear apart things,

They hurt as much as they can,

When I let them out,

But that is not many times,

The only time I let them out,

Is when I’m ******,

When I have gave up,

When I’m tired of the whole dang world,

That is when I let them out,

So they can hurt people as they have hurt me,

Yes the voices inside my head.

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  1. Chesster

    This piece is honest, and honest pieces are better than good pieces.

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