The Voices

By @Peedee_Teeka

The Voices

By @Peedee_Teeka

This is a short story about a girl who has schizophrenia and is battling against the voices in her head.

Chapter 1

Short Story

The voices

“How was today?”

“It was okay I guess.”

“Come lay down in bed.”

I turn off my lights and run into my bed and fling the covers over me.

“That was close, they almost got you.”

My heart is beating out of my chest and I shut my eyes to not see what’s in my room.

“You know, all we want to do is help you. Just let us embrace you in the darkness.”

“No, why would I do that when I am scared of you?”

“Think about your life, you have no one, no one loves you. Can’t you see that? Everyone you know puts on a face to put up with you.”

“Stop it. I don’t want to keep on hearing this, why do you come in every night just to make me miserable?”

“I am not, I am telling the truth.”

I hear something inhale slowly with a deep gurgle and feel a big hand grab my left arm over the covers and I tighten my eyes.

“You know you can’t hide under those covers forever. We want you.”

My heart pounds to my throat and I begin to sweat beads all over my body. It’s so hot under the covers.

“Come on out Jesse! Let’s go out on the roof and look at stars.”

I can’t help but I peek my eyes open and see five figures around my bed. One was big and broad to the left of me. The one next to it was smaller like a little girl that was holding something in her hands. There’s one on my bed with wing like arms and has scruffy looking feathers and hair. The fourth is to the bottom right and it was tall enough that it’s head hit the ceiling and it’s arms went down to its knees. The last one is right next to me, this is the only figure I can see the face of. It’s a woman that has stayed with me my whole life and invites these things into my room. Her face glowed showing her big, black, baggy eyes looking at me. Her hair is pitch black and it covered some of her tainted, green, decaying face. Looking at all of these figures surrounding me made me feel like a cat cornered by dogs and the only way of getting away was to turn on the lights or wait until the sun rises. The winged creature hovers over me and holds open my eyes as it looks into me. I can see its eyes slightly glowing a yellow haze on me. My eyes begin to water and my breathing gets heavier. My whole body tingles just feeling this bird creature on top of me, pinning me down.

“Your fear will get you nowhere Jesse, just calm down. You don’t want to start a scene now do you?”

Adrenaline rushes through my body and I begin to shake and my bottom lip quivers. The terror in me takes over and it leaves me paralyzed on the bed. The creature gets closer and I feel it’s hot breath on me. All of the rest start clawing at my bed sheets as if they’re trying to tear through to get to me. All of them begin laughing and I scream.

*Loud footsteps come closer to the door*

“Please stop!”

I feel my strength come back to me and I trash around under my covers. My door swings open and the lights turn on. The skratching and laughing stops and I blink a few times to get the tears out of my eyes. I see my mom walk into the room.

“Honey, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything is fine.”

“Nothing is fine, look, she is right there. WHy not just kill her, she is vulnerable. KILL HER!”

“Just remember, whatever is going on, it’s all in your head.”

I lift myself up and she scratches my back as I lean on her.

“Now go to bed.”

She walks out of my room and turns off my lights. Immediately they were all back hovering over me.


Their words seep into my head and I can’t control myself anymore. I stand up from my bed and open my door to the hallway as they all follow in my shadow repeating the same words over and over again.

“Get the knife. Get the paper towels.”

I can’t take control of myself, my body is almost making me do this. I grab the bread knife and paper towels. I begin to walk to my mothers room and I finally stop myself.

“Don’t be afraid, she deserves it. You don’t need her!”

“I… I don’t need her.”

I shake my head and I get a lump in my throat. I don’t want to do this. My eyes fill up and I look at the knife in my hand.

“Let us help you.”

All the creatures begin to push me to mothers door and the little girl opens it slowly while putting her finger on her lips. I see her sleeping in bed alone with a sad look on her face. The creatures push me all the way next her.

“Look, she’s in pain just end it and she will be free and so will you.”

My hands grib the knife as I raise it over my head trembling. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, It’s for her. I squeeze my eyes and I use all my force down onto my mom. Tears roll down my eyes and I collapsed onto the bed. My heart feels like it’s being torn apart but,

“It’s for the greater good…”

“Jess? Are you okay?”

I look up and see my mom in the doorway looking panicked at me. I look back at the bed and it’s empty and I look back at her stunned. I almost killed my mom.


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