The Vision

By @Hamza
The Vision

This is a supernatural adventure story of Hamza along with his childhood friend Salman. Hamza has some visions which was earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Hamza and his friend Salman along with Officer Maaz as they solve the most twisted cases in the town.

Chapter 7

Episode # 7

 The armoured truck was moving on a lonely road. Suddenly it stopped in the middle of the road. Anas face was covered with a cloth, hands tied, and mouth gagged. Maaz was sitting in front of him. Saad was trying to say something but no one was in a mood to listen. Hamza,Salman and Maaz dragged him near that same lake. They tied him up to a tree and left him there. They opened the cloth to let him witness the horror. All came back towards the vehicle. After some time, they could hear a loud shriek for some time. They could feel the trees near the lake shaking wildly. They knew revenge had been taken and he deserved that. They could hear the cries of the spirits mixed with the shrilling noise; they could hear the sound of help, but it was too late for forgiveness. After some time, it all went silent and they went back to the area and found him missing. Signs of torture and blood was seen near the tree which led him to the lake. There were scratch marks all over the tree where he was tied. Maaz called for his team with divers. After a couple of hours of search, they found a mutilated body of Anas. His face was beyond recognition. He had no clothes on his body. He had Reports come and it was confirmed to be the body of anas. Reports confirmed that he was mauled by many wild animals. He was alive till the last and he died of suffocation before he could die of excessive blood loss. Maybe he jumped inside the lake to save himself but still could not save himself and got drowned. The court was thankful to Maaz for solving this case and helping them rectify an age-old mistake. But they even blamed Maaz that he could not take care of a criminal while transportation. But his death erased all those mistakes and people thanked Maaz for saving the town from such a horror. 


As for Hamza and Salman it’s just the beginning of their adventures………….

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