The Vision

By @Hamza
The Vision

This is a supernatural adventure story of Hamza along with his childhood friend Salman. Hamza has some visions which was earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Hamza and his friend Salman along with Officer Maaz as they solve the most twisted cases in the town.

Chapter 6

Episode # 6

 He was sitting handcuffed inside room A. Maaz barged into the room, closed it and sat in front of him. “We both know what you have done. So, without wasting much time, confess what all you have done, and we can get it done.” He smiled, “What??? Just that’s it. No beatings, no torture. Are you not being too soft on me?” Maaz smiled and slapped him hard. He spurts out blood from his mouth and laughs, “Now that’s what I was talking about.” He kept on laughing for some time. Maaz kept on looking at him. After his laughter died down, he said, “Let me tell you the entire story from the beginning.” 

“I saw her as my sister. I used to stay in front of her house. I used to see her every day from my window. Her Brother used to leave for the office every day and she used to stand by the window looking outside. They never had any family or friends coming over. He did not love his sister nor I. He treated her like she is nothing Once I had sister but she died in the accident but that was not an accident it was a murder. I did not go to any court because I had received money from the person. So, I usually go to their house because I see her as my sister. I did not care but she was giving pain to every single part of my body and that’s why I took body parts of the victims. One evening before her brother came, I went to their house to talk with her to leave this place. She did not say anything. At that moment her brother came back and seeing me at their doorstep got furious and started shouting at me. He even got physical with me and punched me. I did not say anything and went back. For days I sat and looked at the house. When I saw her I seriously thought she was my sister. It was the month of November and it was chilly outside. I could see her sitting all alone in the living hall. I could see a cake in front of her. She was waiting for her brother, but that person was nowhere to be found. I decided to give another try and again went to their house. I went and kept on knocking. After some time, she opened the door and asked who I was and why I was troubling her. I could not say anything, just say to her that please leave this place because she was giving me such great pain but she slapped me on my face and I felt that my sister had slapped me. I just hate her and I just ran from there taking a great pain with me. From then when I saw that house I felt a great pain in my brain that’s unexplainable. I just got pain and pain when I saw that house and became mad, became a cytological patient. I want to get relief from this pain because it was very hurtful and the relief was to kill here. I had become so depressed that I didn’t care about murdering any person. I Don’t want to kill her but for the sake of my like I had to kill her. I went to their house when her brother was not there. She was cooking something. I just grabbed her neck and without wasting any moment, I killed her with my sharp knife. I Did it 13 times and she died instantly. I just took her, put a blanket on her and took her into the back of my car, took her to the lake and threw her into the lake. I never thought anyone could have ever found her, but it was a chance discovery by some officer, and they found her. But to my luck, everything pointed towards Saad and he was sent to jail. I was pretty relaxed that I was saved.” Maaz was shaking in anger. He wanted to break his neck and break his grinning face. Outside Abhay was trembling in anger. How could such a thing happen so easily? “Continue.” Said Maaz. “After that, I was obsessed with this. I decided to find many more women like her and kill them because when I saw them I got very great pain. I used to stay low for a few days after that in fear that the police would be looking after me but to my good luck, none of the women who escaped never informed the police. There are many more bodies which I had buried near the cottage because after Mehwish’s body was found, the lake was under supervision. Some years passed and people started to forget that incident and the lake got lost in time. I joined a company who used to give office space: to different companies as the supervisor of that building. Now I had the information in my fingertips. All I had to do was screen the names and go forward with my target.” He was boasting his achievements and Maaz was cracking his knuckles. “But finally, you caught me and here I am.” “What happened to Robert?” “Who? Oh!! Robert. I had to kill him because he had his suspicions against me. . I went to his house to speak to him and found out he was against me. I went to his house to speak to him and found out he was doing his own investigation against all the missing sisters of employees . I had to kill him. When you three had come to discuss the deaths and Robert, I realized it won’t be long that you would get to me and so after our discussion, I went and planted all evidence including the box in Robert’s house for you all to find. I was convinced that you would go in the wrong path searching for him and I could continue with my act, but you caught me. Good work, officer.” “Where is his body?” “I burnt it outside of the town. I did not want to take the risk of anyone finding it. Now I have confessed to everything. Now, what will you do.” Maaz did not say anything and came outside. “He is mentally sick. Even though we produce him before a judge, he won’t be convicted but instead sent to a mental institution for treatment. Persons like this don’t deserve to live.” Maaz was furious. Hamza stayed cool. “I have a plan.” 

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