The Vision

By @Hamza
The Vision

This is a supernatural adventure story of Hamza along with his childhood friend Salman. Hamza has some visions which was earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Hamza and his friend Salman along with Officer Maaz as they solve the most twisted cases in the town.

Chapter 5

Episode # 5

 Meanwhile, the police had surrounded the house of Robert and were going through all his stuff. They found a room where all the details of his victims were found. They found a big glass slab where multiple photographs, a map of the town, and many newspaper clippings were attached. They looked around. The room was very dimly lit with a red tube light. They could see many instruments lying on a table which had dried up blood on them. Everything was collected. A journal was also found where all the details of the murder along with dates and specifics were mentioned. Finally, one of the members of the task force opened one of the old broken almirah. He found an old iron box lying in the bottom. It was locked. It was a normal lock. He broke it with the other end of his gun and opened it. It was disgusting. The killer had kept some body parts of the body of all his victims. “He is a sick psychopath murderer. It was the fault of our law that an innocent person like Saad had to spend years behind bars for a crime committed by Robert. We have all the proof against Robert and a nationwide hunt for the cold-blooded murderer has begun. He can’t escape from the law this time.” Thundered Maaz to his entire team. Hamza and Salman stood in the back and were listening to the briefing. The search continued. 

Suddenly there was a bright flash and Hamza found himself on a side of a road under a tree. It was dark and he could not see anyone nearby. The roads were clear, and no sign of any vehicles were also seen. What was he doing here in the middle of the road? He got up slowly and started to look around. He could not find anyone on the road. He turned back towards the dense woods in front of him. He started to move towards it. The paths were filled with wild grasses, long thick vines lay hanging on his way. He just prayed that they were just vines and not some snakes. As he moved ahead, in a distance he could see a wooden cottage. What is a cottage doing in the middle of the forest? Thinking about it, he moved ahead. He reached near the window and saw a lady tied up around the wardrobe. He saw a huge person slowly going towards him with his blooded Knife when he woke up. He was sitting in a chair in the station. Salman was standing beside him with a glass of water. “You passed out, Hamza. You need to take rest. You are deprived of sleep and that is taking a toll on your health.” He drank some water. Maaz was sitting taking a toll on your health.” He drank some water. Maaz was sitting in front of him looking at him. “I know where he is,” hamza said slowly. Maaz’s eyes sparkled in excitement. 

The special forces were ready to take on the serial killer. Three armoured vehicles and a paramedic vehicle followed the SUV driven by Maaz as they raced towards the cottage. The cottage was on the other side of the forest where the lake was. How conveniently has he been doing all his heinous works? They stopped in front of that tree. Everyone got down and as per the directions provided by Hamza and they started to move slowly. The information was correct. They saw the cottage. In moments, they surrounded the cottage. Maaz was leading the team. He spoke, “Team A, take your position from the front, team B from the back, team C from the right and I with team D from the left. I am standing near the window. I have seen our victim, Ifrah. She is tied up in the bed and I can see her slowly moving which confirms that she is alive. Any movement from other rooms, teams?” “No, sir.” He waited for some time. Another team had already surrounded the entire perimeter of the house hiding in the bushes and trees, in case the killer escapes. After a moment, Maaz saw the Kilter coming out from a small room adjusting his leather apron and his mask. “I think he is going to kill her. We need to go inside and catch him alive. Team A, charge.” With it, the team in front of the cottage broke upon the door and went inside. The killer was shocked by seeing so many people. He knew he was caught. He put down his knife, kneeled down with his hands on his head. Maaz came inside and went near the killer. He removed the mask and was surprised to see him. There was a smile on his face. Hamza and Salman came inside and saw him. They never expected this. “You are not Robert?” The supervisor smiled at them. There was not a hint of remorse nor regret on his face. Instead, he had an evil grin on his face. “You are too late officer. I have already started the process. She may not survive for long. Madhav ordered two guys from his team to take her immediately to the paramedics waiting outside. “You are under arrest Anas for multiple murders. If I weren’t a part of the law, I would have shot you here but for now, I have to arrest you.” Maaz handcuffed him and dragged him outside. The cottage was seized. He was put in the armoured caged vehicle and taken towards the station for interrogation. 

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