The Vision

By @Hamza
The Vision

This is a supernatural adventure story of Hamza along with his childhood friend Salman. Hamza has some visions which was earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Hamza and his friend Salman along with Officer Maaz as they solve the most twisted cases in the town.

Chapter 4

Episode # 4

 Hamza’s eyes opened and he found himself near the lake. He looked around. It was dark and he could hear the faint sound made by the ripples in the lake. He walked around when suddenly he saw her again. She was standing there and when he went near her, he saw the others. standing fully drenched as if they have come out of the water and were wearing the same clothes in which they were found. They started coming closer to him. He was nervous and tried telling them, “Listen to me. I know about you all and we are trying to figure out what had happened. I would request you all to also help me.” They surrounded Hamza. In fear, he closed his eyes and when he opened his eyes, he saw he was all alone. As he turned around, he saw all of them standing in front of him. He fell down in fear. Slowly, they made a partition in between them and he saw an old lady standing in the back with her head down. She slowly raised her head and started sliding towards him. He was still on the ground and was looking at all this with a surprised expression. The lady came near him and looked at him. She was speaking something, but it was inaudible. He could not hear anything. As he was looking at her, something flashed from his memory. He had seen her earlier. He started recollecting when suddenly his eyes opened, and he was in his bed sweating. He got up from his bed and went towards his desk where all the files were kept. He started for an older file. After some time of searching, he got hold of the file. It was that 15-year-old case from where his adventures had started. But how is she connected? Her husband is still in jail. Hopefully. 

The next day the three men in the same juice corner. Salman informed Maaz on all what they found. After that Hamza informed, “But there is something more to it. Last night I had another dream where I saw all the victims in it. But the most stunning part was I saw the same old lady whose case I had solved 15 years ago. Do you remember the case where the brother had killed his sister and dumped her in the same lake?” “Yes, that happened a long time ago.” “I think this case is linked to that case. Where is the brother now?” “I don’t know. Maybe in the same jail.” “If he is not in jail, maybe he is the killer.” Before Hamza could finish his statement, Maaz had already dialled the number of that jail. After a brief discussion, he came and sat with them again. “He is not the killer. He is still in jail.” Hamza was shocked for a while. “We have to meet him.” “Are you mad? Stop watching too many movies. It’s not possible and only persons having visiting rights can meet him or some officials and as if I know you are none.” “But you are an official and you can meet him,” Salman said with a smile. Maaz had no option but to agree. 

Maaz entered the jail premises. It was surrounded by high rise brick walls and it spoke of standing there for many years. The jail was built during Britishers time and now it was being used to hold hardened cold-blooded criminals. “Hi, Maaz. It’s a surprise seeing you here.” Maaz smiled and said, “I know sir and even I don’t know why I am here.” With it, they both laughed, and he guided Maaz towards the visiting place where the person was already waiting in chains. Maaz sat in front of him. “Hello Saad, I am Maaz. I have come here to ask you something.” He did not say anything and looked at the window. “Free air.” He took a deep breath and sat silently. “Listen, Saad, what do you have to tell me about how you killed your sister?” The expression changed and his eyes got red “I did not kill my sister. I love her.” “You may think like that, but you have been proved.” “The law is not always right and if you really want to know go check our old albums and our belongings. You will get your answer.” With it, he got up and went away. Maaz kept on staring at the guy who had aged prematurely due to this life. 

 As per the last words of Saad, Maaz went into the locker room where all the investigation details of all the cases are kept. He got the required information and brought it to Hamza’s home. They all sat down and started to go through it. “Reports had informed that there was no forced entry, so the murderer was someone known to the victim if we don’t consider the husband as the killer.” Said Salman screening through the photos. As he was going through some photos, he saw something common in it. “Hey, look at this guy. He seems to be in many photos with them. He seems to be their guest also as you can see many pictures of them together. Let us find out who is he?” Madhav clicked a photo and sent it to someone to find the details. “Now we wait for it and till that time let’s see if we can find anything else.” They found many photos, documents which were of no use and tons of papers linked to the case. After an hour, Maaz’s phone chimed as he received a mail. He opened and checked it. It was the details of the person. “I think we have him.” There was a spark in his eyes. “His name is Robert. He was with Saad and his sister in the same batch during graduation days. Not much is available about him after that murder. He is not in anyone’s radar. But how is he connected to the others?” “First we have to track him before anyone else dies.” Said Salman. Suddenly something crossed Hamza’s mind, “You had come up with something common in all these victims. Let’s put all that together.” 

“All the victims worked in the same office building and everyone’s birthday fell in the month of November. It seems the killer has an affiliation towards the birthday of the ladies falling in the month of November and I think he must be in the same office building so it must be easy for him to get that information. But why November?” Maaz sighed thinking about it. “Because Mehwish, Saad’s sister’s birthday was on 28th November.” Said Hamza. All went silent. This was not some random cold-blooded murder. It was a premeditated murder. They decided to go to the office building the next morning. As Hamza retired for the night, he saw Mehwish’s face. She was calling for help. Her voice was inaudible, but he could feel that she was telling him that he was very near to solving the case. His eyes opened and he was sweating. The next morning, they were in the office building. They went to meet the building supervisor to discuss. “Do you have the details of all the employees working in this building?” asked Maaz. “Yes sir, this is our building policy. We have to keep all the details of all the employees.” Said the supervisor. “Who has the access to it?” asked Hamza. “No one except for me. All the details are stored in the system and I only operate the system.” “But it seems your system was used by someone else. Data was leaked from here and if you remember, we had found 7 bodies in the nearby lake and all used to work here.” Said Maaz. The supervisor was shocked and said, “I don’t know anything about data leak from my system. Yes, we knew about the deaths and had modified the data, but this is something new for me.” “We would like to see the list of all the employees working here.” Said Salman. He obliged and clicked on his keyboard and in a moment, he handed over the print out of all the employees. They thanked him and went outside. They were going through the list when they saw a name, Robert. They all looked at each other. “Who is he?” The supervisor looked at them and said slowly. “He was a part of the admin team who took care of office furnishings, but we had to remove him some months ago because of many employees’ complaints about him. We also found the allegations to be true and had him removed.” “You never cared to report to the police about him.” Thundered Maaz. “Sir, we did not want to spoil his life, so we gave him a warning and asked him to leave.” The supervisor said timidly. “That is so great of you. Now you have left an alleged murderer and psychopath roaming freely on the streets:’ With it, they collected his latest photograph and left the place. “Wait.” Salman interfered. He came back and asked. “We need a list from you.” In moments, he had a list in hand. “What is this list?” asked Hamza. He handed over the list. It had the names of all the employees whose birthday was in November. “Brilliant work, Salman.” Said Maaz. They struck off the names who were already his victims and started to contact the others. There were 5 more on the list. They could be in touch with 4. “Hello, this is officer Maaz. I have to file an official red alert for a missing lady. Her name is Ifrah. I am sending you the details. I need the details to be sent to all stations, patrol officers, outposts, beat officers, and the traffic department. We have an official situation here. A serial killer is on the prowl and we need to stop him.” In moments, all details were shared and every officer in town was looking out for Robert. All the informers were called upon for the service. 

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