The Vision

By @Hamza
The Vision

This is a supernatural adventure story of Hamza along with his childhood friend Salman. Hamza has some visions which was earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Hamza and his friend Salman along with Officer Maaz as they solve the most twisted cases in the town.

Chapter 3

Episode # 3

“Hello officer, how are you?” “Ah-ha, it has been long since I received your call, Mr Ghostbuster.” Mr Maaz joked as he started the conversation. “You are joking, right? You want to meet me. After years of being a ghost, you want to meet me.” “This time it’s really serious and I want to meet you.” “Ok, tonight meet me at Juice Corner at 8 pm.” 

The Juice was crowded as usual. People all overused to come here to enjoy their evening drinks. They came inside and saw Maaz sitting in the corner having his drink. “Hello officer, how are you?” Maaz was surprised at seeing two young guys standing in front of him. Dressed in casuals, they looked not more than 27 or 28. “You are the ghostbuster.” He asked, surprised. “You both are kids.” “Excuse me, officer, I know we look young, but we are not that young. We both work as IT engineers!’ He grinned and asked them to sit. “So, finally we met. I never expected that I would be meeting you both. By the way who among you calls me?” “I do, Officer. He is my friend Salman. He has been with me since childhood and he knows about it all. I would like to tell you how I was able to inform you about all those previous cases and after that I would like your help in a new case.” “So why did you not go your old-fashioned way?” “This case is different. I think the spirit wants me to solve it.” He let out a huge laugh “What did you say? Spirit. Are you trying to scare me, kid?” “I know you won’t believe me but let me start.” With it, he started informing all about his past experiences, how he came to understand his dreams and used it to solve crimes and help the police. In the end, there was sweat on the forehead of Maaz and he gulped down his remaining drink in a single shot. “What do you want from me?” 

Hamza let out a faint smile and informed, “Information about any missing lady.” “Sorry, Abhay but I can’t help you with it. Even if we have information, we can’t provide you with it.” “Please officer, it’s important. At least if we can go through some photographs of the missing ladies, we would be very grateful towards you.” After some thought, Maaz said, “Ok, I am helping you because of times you had helped me for solving the cases. Come to the station tomorrow at 10 am and I will show you some photographs. But only photographs and after that, you are on 

your own and you have to inform me about all the details.” “Done, 

officer. See you at 10 am tomorrow.” 

 There were some photographs with Madhav when Abhay and Vipul arrived. Without wasting any more time, he showed them the photos. Abhay observed them carefully. Suddenly he saw a picture and was startled. “She is the girl officer. Who is she?” Maaz looked at the picture and went outside to bring the file. He did not want others to know about this unofficial investigation. After some time, he came back with a file. He started to read it. “Her name is Sheena. Her brother had come here a few days ago to lodge an official complaint about her. She had gone to her office and never came back. Her brother has been coming here every day to ask for an update. Now I think we all know what happened to her.” “Yes, officer but why was she so determined about me going ahead with solving the mystery. I think the entire mystery can be solved once we go to that place.” “Do you know the place?” “Yes officer, get your team and especially divers to be ready as we have to get inside a lake.” With this, he gave the location and also followed Maaz to the site. 

It took hours for the entire lake to be searched as they found 7 dead bodies inside it. The entire team was shocked. This was not some murder case, it was a case of a serial killer. AU the bodies were put in separate body bags and sent for post mortem. Madhav came to Abhay and said, “I think this is why that spirit was asking you to solve it. It seems like a case of a serial killer.” They all looked at the bodies being packed into the body bags. 

Hamza and Salman sat in the office of Maaz while he was out talking to a constable. After some time, he came back and started, “The autopsy reports are in. We were able to identify all the bodies found in the lake. We have informed all their family members but what now remains to find is who is doing this?” “We would like to help you with it.” Maaz looked at them both. Except for the dreams, how else these two young boys can help him. “Ok, tell me how you want to start?” 

Hamza and Salman decided to work unofficially on the case. They asked for the copies of the report filed by the members of the girls who were found dead in the lake. Hamza needed to find something common in between all cases. Hamza and Salman sat together and went through the files. With the help of Maaz, they were able to retrieve some CCTV surveillance for some of the victims. It was a long process, but they knew they would get something. Meanwhile, Madhav was in a lot of pressure from his seniors, media and the family members to solve the case. The police had issued a code red in the city against this unknown criminal. Round the clock surveillance had increased. The lake area was seized, and thorough investigation was being conducted to find any clues. 

Meanwhile, Hamza and Salman had their brains fried over finding the link between the murders. They were also going through the tapes to see any links but failed to do so. Suddenly Salman’s eyes flashed, and he started scribing something on his notepad. “Hey Hamza, look what I found out.” Hamza studied the notepad and he was surprised. He called the officer, “Sir, we need to see you. We think we have found out a link in between all cases:’ 

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