The Vision

By @Hamza
The Vision

This is a supernatural adventure story of Hamza along with his childhood friend Salman. Hamza has some visions which was earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Hamza and his friend Salman along with Officer Maaz as they solve the most twisted cases in the town.

Chapter 1

The Mystery Of a Young Lady.



Suddenly his eyes opened, and he found himself in the middle of a forest. It was a dark moonless night and he had no idea how he had reached there. He looked around and all he could see was trees and darkness. He could hear low shrieking sounds of different animals and some shining eyes behind the bushes. He knew he was trapped. He did not know where to run. He tried to get up and found out that his legs were tied with the vines of the old trees around him. He could feel as if the trees were staring at him for disturbing their peace. The shrieking sound grew. He tried to release his legs from the strong clutches of the vines but the more he tried the more he was getting tangled in it. He could hear the rustling of dried leaves and looked towards it. There was no motion in that direction. Slowly he tried to slide towards the side and in the meantime was trying to remove the vines from his legs. He looked around for anything which could help him in escaping but there was nothing except for vines and dry leaves. He was still confused as to what this place was. He had never been to this place. He did not see any situation when suddenly he saw someone in front of him.

“Who… Who are you?” she stood there silently looking at him. “Are you…” Before he could complete the sentence, the man flew near him and looked in his eyes. He slowly tilted his head towards left, then to right. Slowly she also followed the movement of his head as he did. Her face had the innocence of a child. She had doe eyes and a sharp nose. She did not say anything and in a flash, the girl swept him away from that location and they were standing in a location near the bank of a lake. He knew the place. This lake was near his town. He thought, what was he doing here and who is she? While he kept on thinking, he saw her sliding over the lake and looking at him. He could not understand what happened when the man suddenly came near him, and his facial expression changed. Big hollow eyes and nose, mouth wide open, face entirely wrinkled, his clothes suddenly changed from pure white to tattered dusty covered in blood. the man came near him and let out an ear-deafening shout. He could not bear it and fell down on the ground. He saw the flying around the lake. As he was looking at him quizzingly, suddenly the entire area became dark and after that, his eyes opened.

He was lying on the bed sweating as he saw the fan moving slowly with a creaking sound. It was 2:19 am. He got up from the bed and started to move towards the kitchen to get some cold water. He bent down a bit and opened the refrigerator door, removed a bottle and closed the door. As he stood straight, he realized someone was behind him. He could feel the warm breath on his neck. He stood still for a moment. Slowly he tilted his head towards left. He could see a dark shadow behind him. He adjusted his vision to see the reflection of what was behind him, he saw there was nothing behind him. As he turned around, he was startled and fell back as he saw someone standing in front of him. He shook in fear. He lost his voice; the bottle fell from his left-hand splashing water everywhere. He was on the floor trying to go back but his back was stuck to the refrigerator. It was the same man who came into his dream. Was that a dream or is this a dream? He could not say anything. The man came nearer, and he could see the man’s face. She had tears in his eyes, and she wanted to say something, but her voice was inaudible. “Wh…What is it?” Hamza spoke slowly looking at her. she was trying to say something. The lady started flying around the room, throwing away objects and after some time he vanished in thin air leaving Hamza lying in a pool of water with all the mess around created by the man. 

Suddenly his eyes opened, and he realized he was dreaming once again. He got up and checked the kitchen. Everything was spotlessly clean. After that, he retired to his bed, but could not sleep and he realized the sun was starting to come out and he heard the chirping of the birds. He got up, had his cup of coffee and started getting ready for his office.

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