The Virus Called Red

By @burble1232

The Virus Called Red

By @burble1232

The other view of a zombie apocalypse

Chapter 1


What has the world come to zombies running in fear, humans spreading the virus. Ever since the virus the air was thick and it was hard to breathe. Every morning was peaceful, birds chirping in the large trees that scattered themselves about the large green fields. Houses sprouted up every once and awhile around the sea of beautiful green. This morning was peaceful until there was a search of houses and found us, this had now become the worst day ever. Our normal zombie lives had been turned upside down as the humans had escaped the lab and infected the first of us, we have been running in fear since. Now there are very few of us still living or walking. Before I go on I should introduce myself my name is Ruby but everyone calls me Red. This infection started a few years ago and we thought that it was under control but soon the virus learned how to adapt so it could infect even animals. Many of us had hid where we knew there would be little animal activity. We knew that this was going to happen zombies were getting respiratory viruses that came out of nowhere we started to work on finding out what it was when it started to take our children hostage. This virus had us going broke because of how much we had to pay to keep our children alive. The doctors said this was the strangest virus they had ever seen they couldn’t stop the multiplying. They had named it R.E.D it stands for Respiratory Experimental Disease.This was the one disease that had started to spread to the rest of the world. More and more zombies had gotten this virus. I was named after it because I was the zombie who first got it I also was the only to survive. Everyone who was with me had hope but what they didn’t know was I was not like them I was a G.M.O (genetically modified organism) as they called me. I had almost twice the immune system as a normal zombie. I could heal a massive cut in only a few minutes.

     I had not even shared this with my close friends but my mother had this done to me, my father had died trying to travel across the world to share what he had found, my sisters had been moved to a lonely town with my relatives in Montana. My mother had then passed when the outbreak started. I was on my way to go get my sisters when I had been noticed so many zombies in hiding. More and more zombies would start following me

 “You shouldn’t follow me i can’t promise all of your safety to be ensured.” Her voice was powerful as she warned them. But every time they would follow and more would die. I had made it into Wyoming when something strange happened the grass had been dead up to this house it’s like it had a dome around it preventing it from getting the worst of the outbreak. There was a couple probably thirty or forty just rocking in their rocking chairs. They looked so happy until I passed their house .They sprinted toward me, I was shocked. They had ran faster than me and I was half their age. They carried a small child with them they were frantic they had held the child out to me and I saw that it was infected. I said that I couldn’t do anything to help the child they both started crying I said that if they wanted to come with me then we could go to a hospital. That gave them a little bit of hope. They followed me to Montana we made it a few miles then they introduced themselves the woman’s name was Margaret she had beautiful blonde hair, and the prettiest green eyes and her husband’s name was Richard he had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Their sick child’s name was Schell. She was only a few months old. She had blonde hair that barely curled. You could definitely see that she got that from her mother. She had gotten her father’s eyes from what I could tell they were mostly clear. She had reminded me of my little sister. We had continued until we reached the hospital

  “ The hospital is right up around the corner just take a left and you will see it.” I spoke softly and watched her as she thanked me and went on her way with her husband and baby.

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