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The Vicar’s Son

By @MeaningfulMee

The Vicar's Son

The Vicars son.

It was early November.

You know that part of the year that’s bloody cold yet the warmth of the concept of Christmas isn’t giving off its placebo effect yet either.

It was a normal boring school day. 

Mrs.Davis left the classroom,

ever since she got herself knocked up she’s been going to the bathroom heaps.

This time she was barely gone for five minutes.

Five minutes was all it took.

I mean what do could you expect,

You leave a classroom full of testosterone and menstrual cycles unattended, your gonna come back to something messier than having a cold on code red (if you know what I mean).


Here’s where this is all going.

So Charlie was sitting beside me, he’s my best mate, after all, where else is he meant to go?

We were both sitting in the back row, minding our own business talking ‘bout Harry Styles and our views on Euthanasia.

Ya know the common conversions for fourteen-year-olds.

We were minding our own business when Jacob Harrison turned is ugly face around.

Jacob’s the vicar’s son, 

he’s a blue-eyed, blonde, pasty little choir ****.

He has no personality but the sexiest eyes so all the girls with their fan buns are all over him.

So he’s there and he’s looking at Charlie, 

Now Charlie is trying desperately hard not to make eye contact with him.

I didn’t think they had any issues with each other but I figured they must.

After a few seconds, Jacob looks Charlie up and down then he looks at his mates, 

Dani and James, they want to be the school bullies but there is nothing intimidating about perms and voice cracks. 

They had smugs on their pretty little punchable faces and it was infuriating.

Jacob looks Charlie in the eye and says in a disgusted tone,

“Stop checking me out you F……”

(You fill in the gap)

I was ready, 


Ready to back Charlie up, ready and waiting for Charlie to punch Jacobs lights out.

Charlie grew up on the same council estate as I did so he knows how to fight.

Those skinny little stick arms know how to fight like a girl and never underestimate getting a slap with a hand full of acrylics.

And he’s no Buda,

He’ll scrap when he has to scrap.

But that day, 

He did nothing.

He just looked Jacob in the eyes, looking broken.

I waited for a while but he still did nothing.

He’s kind eyes just stared into Jacobs.

So I took matters into my own hands. 

I took my fist and gave him a right beating.

I led over the desk and slapped his pretty little face. 

I would have just given him one hard punch and been done with it but they love watching the fights and some of them don’t catch on quick enough so you just have to give that starting slap or they won’t get to watch the show. 

He didn’t seem shocked or hurt,

Not at that stage anyway.

I rolled up my sleeves and started to walk towards him.

“Wanna say it again!”

I bellowed.

He said nothing.

“Go on!”

I said, 

Walking closer.

“Say it!”

I was right up in his face.

“Say it again!”

I looked him up and down.

“Say it to me this time!”

Then I whacked him across the face. It was some punch as well, I must say I’ve got a great hook.

He fell to the ground, him and his bloody nose.

He placed his hand on his nose and noticed it was bleeding.

He looked around.

He looked around and saw everyone looked down at him.

He removed his glace and looked over at Charlie.

And then.

And then he looked me in the eyes and for a split second, I swear.

I swear he smiled at me. 

He looked grateful, for just a split second.

The lights seemed to be on, he didn’t seem hollow for just a split second.

I heard the door open.

Mrs.Davis was back, 

she took one look at the scene and straight to the principal’s office I went. 

I got suspended but only for three days.

The bell rang by the time Mr.Jordan, the principal was done ranting about how beating people up is bad as if I didn’t know that beforehand. 

Mr.Jordan rang my dad and my dad told Mr.Jordan to tell me to get milk on the way home.

So I did.

I went to the supermarket, which is way outta my way home I might add. Like half an hour extra.

I get the milk and was on my way back.

As I was walking I decided I’d walk through the park, cos my cousin’s drug dealer was on the main path and I did not want a repeat of last time.

(For legal reasons that last line is a work of fiction).

I walked along the path then headed up the hill through the grass cos parents get angry when you smoke around their toddlers. 

I walked up to the wall, *** in hand and was going to hop it when I noticed two boys snogging where I was heading.

I looked a little closer, I noticed it was Charlie.

I noticed it was Charlie and Jacob.

I didn’t want to cause any hassle so I walked the longer way home.

I still think about that day.

The day I came back to school, 

Jacob had a black eye. 

He told everyone I gave it to him,

And everyone believed him.

Everyone still believes him.

But I gave him a bloody nose.

I never gave him a black eye. 

Everything became a lot more complicated yet so much clearer.

I still think about it. 

About it all.

I still wonder why Charlie stayed,

Why he accepted love like that? 

Wondering if he expected love like that?

I still wonder about Jacob,

I wonder why he was so determined to hide it?

I wonder what would happen if the vicar’s son got caught?

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