The Vampire King

By @mal_dreamer
The Vampire King

He was a Vampire King, Probably a Careless One. He Had to be Reminded Of his Duties, and Probably was Too Late in Doing So? Will he finally learn his responsibilities and be what he was supposed to be or will he give up and put the entire Vampire Species at risk?(Still in Progress)

Chapter 1


He was trapped, trapped inside the deadly room, only having two options: whether to try and survive or to die. He had never wanted any of this. He wanted a normal human life, and maybe that was the flaw that had put the great Vampire King in a dangerous situation. He had never wanted the title of King. He never wanted to become a vampire. He never wanted to worry about others, but all that happened to him was the exact opposite.

Now he was reminded that all his decisions affected the entire vampire species. One wrong move and it would be the end of vampires.

He banged his head on the wall multiple times, cursing himself and his fate multiple times. His carelessness led him to be kidnapped by someone whom he didn’t know. He had been trapped in this room by them, and he had to survive for the survival of his kind. “Maybe I should now be a bit careful. My carelessness led to this and I am not willing to let some innocent vampires give up their lives because of me”, he thought out loud.

“And that you should”, came a feminine voice, which gave out a bold and dominating vibe. He looked in the direction of the voice as his eyes almost popped out of his head, and he kept on staring at her. She was a strong woman indeed, her long black hair tied into a messy bun and her tan skin shining, even in the dark room which had only one light bulb which was also on the verge of ending. Her hypnotizing chocolate brown eyes looked at him in anger and amusement, and her one hand had a gun with wooden bullets and the other, a long sword.

“Who are you?” he asked, his voice shaking a bit. He knew it wasn’t time for being distracted. Yet, her beauty was so ethereal that he had the strong urge to grab her by her waist and go in for a deep kiss.

“My name is Akira, Mr Vampire King, or should I say Mr Coward”

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