The Valeyy Forge Horror Story

By @AbbigailMichalik1010

The Valeyy Forge Horror Story

By @AbbigailMichalik1010

This is a sad story about a girl named LoLa Petty. She had died at a very young age. She’s been raped and can’t find help. Her parents tried to keep her safe as possible and it didn’t work out so good. She finally....Read More To Find Out

Chapter 1

It was such a beautiful day outside, until i wake up to dead people laying all over the ground. People’s heads are cut off. The day of the war was on December 19th,1779. This day was so tragic. Ghost of Native Americans killed by white settlers, are killing soldiers camping at Valley Forge. This was very very unpleasant. A couple weeks after things may have happened.

  The Native Americans died from a disease called smallpox . Smallpox is a very deadly disease, where you have blisters all over your body. It’s a very deadly disease, can spread in the blink of an eye, and lastly can kill you instantly. Also the blisters can end up spreading all over your body, it doesn’t matter where. Sadly, they can be contagious, even if you would just touch someone, they can end up getting smallpox. The blisters than will heal by filling up witch liquid and pus, and they will also scab. Thais is around two weeks after you have small-pox. In this tragic scenery many people were, hurt/killed. 

  One Native American that people believed was a ghost, had fell in love with a white settler named LoLa Petty. He found out that she was 20 years young. One day people had saw him in person and was afraid for LoLa. He had put up signs up saying that LoLa ending up going missing. Her family was driving around looking for her, the looked in the woods, in her bedroom, looked at the Native Americans house. They checked everywhere that she could’ve possibly have went. The rumor was true. In the next few weeks they had found her…………….

  Few weeks later….. she was home sweet home, LoLa got kidnapped, by one of Joe’s (Native American) friends. It was very hard for her but she told her parents she had gotten raped by the both of them. She had not liked it at all she tried calling for help, but since they lived near the woods, they raped her in the woods. She couldn’t call for help… the next day had been very very tough for LoLa. She sat in her bedroom crying all day, knowing she was being stalked. She can’t tell her parents cause she’s afraid they will yell an freak out at her. 

  Few night after…. As she tossed and turned all night waking up constantly in the middle of the nights, she knew she was being stalked. There were creaks on her floor, nails like a chalkboard on her window, and other odd things that haven’t usually happened this late at night. Parents we’re tightly cozilay sleeping in their room. But the horror was just shocking. ***SCREAMS!!*** ***HELP!!!*** ***THEY ARE HURTING ME!!*** Parents woke up to blood all over her room and windows shattered. *we knew she’s gone*☹️ The next day became very hard for her family and friends. They were not very happy that she may have been talking to these older men at all, but it happened already. **Later In The Evening**The family sadly had to start planning the funeral, so they all got together and let balloons go. 

  This was a sad story but this is how it really was. This story could of been real. With everything about the slaves and war and rapist. There can be anyone that has gotten raped but they just don’t show it because they could be to scared to even talk to you. Like i’ve said this was so tragic. So many people have also died, just from people being stupid.



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