The Unbearable Weight of Our Own Minds

By @ElijahDR
The Unbearable Weight of Our Own Minds

This is simply one of the only ways I am able to express my frustrations with life.

Chapter 1

Ambition vs Idleness

Ambition burns bright in my mind, the idea of everything I am capable of, coming to light and being exposed to the world. The possibilities are endless, I know I can do or create anything I set my mind to in life. Yet I lie here, in anguish, because I know of my inability to actually act upon anything I could ever think of. The burning sword that is buried deep in my chest, burns brighter than ever. It acts as a constant reminder of my idleness in life. I am only capable of living with this constant despair for a limited time, I can feel it. It is like a ticking time bomb that I have no control over. Everything around me feels like idle, empty space, with the sole purpose of holding me back and burying deep, the ideas I long to release from the prison of my mind. One man can only handle of the burden of being his own biggest obstacle in life for so long, Change is bound to occur.

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