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The Ultimate Secret of Our Lives

By @_MrsStyles_

Clear, But Invisible

She lies underneath her quilt, hidden and protected, although it will not protect her from the cold in the world. I will not cry she says, so her younger sister sleeping beside her will not hear her vulnerability, because the women of the future must look up to the older women, and she, just thirteen, was the older woman. Distractions and cupid bows have fired away all her little life, but she must move through it all, because she knows. Nobody knows; that she must be weak, if she puts up a strong front, and she must be insecure, if she tries to be confident. But the world only views the black and white, and nobody could care any lesser. In the end, she lies huddled, with only herself to wrap her arms around, with only herself she can trust, with only herself she can share her knowledge with, for she knows a lot, yet nobody will want to listen, and she knows that too. She knows the one secret that is the ultimate key. You know the secret to life she reminds herself. Just let it pass. A voice says to her, How long will you let it pass? Is it that hard to cease the moment, to start a better version of yourself from tomorrow? But she knows better. She knows, that nothing can pass, for it is part of your life now, and there is no way it can slip away, for everything needs to be used wisely. She knows it is hard to cease the moment, for the moment will not help her when she dies, and she is aware it is not hard to begin tomorrow, but way more harder to maintain today, and then maintain the new tomorrow.

If you keep contradicting yourself, how will you decide who you are? Who are you, Leanne? What do you believe in? But she knows who she is does not matter to the world, for in the end, you will still be forgotten. The greatest thing will be hated by some, the most horrible thing will be adored by others. Although she knows she would rather have a few good people on her side than a million bad, what will that make of the people she loves? For they do not know the secret of life, the ultimate key to success. She has tried to share, she has tried to spread, but only to hear and feel excuses, laughs and ignorances of the present, for the present does not care for the future. And the some who do little care about the secret of life. She believes in equality, justice and peace, but she knows believing in it is not enough. She knows it is so for some people, who’s side luck is on, so what be her voice in the middle of the higher class’ attempts to hide it? What be my strive for awareness when nobody- yet again – will want to listen. And when experience tells you no, what else is proof for you to stop? All one can do is believe in something different, and you have evoked individuality, but who likes unique, and how will individuality get you success in a world where only your differences describe you, and your similarities are thrown aside, like a newborn girl in a rural area’s household. Like a thirteen year old girl’s feelings of depair in a world where everything is happening, yet people are satisfied with doing nothing. She regrets it, but she does it too, because humans are scared creatures, except those who perform the secret. Maybe there are people like her, who know the secret, but do not perform it as much as they would want to?

There is so much luck and blessing in the world, the readers of the secret. Little do humans realize that the two are completely different. Luck is a perception, a film of dust in front of humans’ eyes to put them away from equality, away from justice, away from peace. Involved in luck, a human does not see what is right in front of it, which is blessing, for the secret of life and the ultimate key is in front of us all, clear as a crystal, a blessing sent straight to everyone everywhere. Only the humans without the film of fear can see it, only humans without the blindness of desire can earn it, and only humans with the most courageous yet humble of hearts can perform it. It is called prayer.

Please make my loved ones and I successful, because in I know in the end what anyone says does not matter, for the Final Word will say it all. That is all one should fear. I know this, so bless us more. I know the secret to eternal equality, justice, peace and life, she prays. And now you do too.

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