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The truth on prom

By @isabelgenautis

The truth of prom

Prom, the highlight of your high school carrier, the one night you get all dressed up in a way to expensive dress or suit, and if your a girl either spend hours doing your hair and makeup or spending an insane amount getting them done. The night in so many high school movies that are magical, crazy, and so much fun. The punch (may or may not be spiked), the romantic slow dances, the transformations, the choreograph dance everyone knows. But here’s the whole, absolute, no sugar coating truth.

1.Spiked punch

No there is not a punch bowl at prom that kids casually walk by and spike it. What there is though is a teacher run refreshment booth. Where you can ask a trusted adult for a sprite, coke, or water.

2. Choreographed dances

Sadly there is no strange song that everyone just happens to know the dance moves too and face off in a dance battle. Though wouldn’t that be really fun to watch, seeing your friends thinking they can dance but actually can’t.

3.Romantic slow dances

You know what I’m talking about the scene in the high school movie where the boy and the girl that are total opposites but are meant to be and slow dance. How the boy walks across the room and asked for a dance and then all the sudden they realize they are in love and start dating. Yeah, that doesn’t happen. But don’t worry you will get to dance with someone with your group and it won’t be awkward at all, it’s actually really romantic and sweet not looking or acknowledging that the person you stepping side to side to exist.

4.Getting ready

Yes. girls do take hours to do their hair and makeup to perfection or spend an insane amount to get it done so that they can be looking their best, and don’t think its for the prom. We all know it’s for the pictures for the prom.

5. The food

The food at prom isn’t the fanciest thing you will ever see but it also doesn’t move. It’s simply just decent food that didn’t cost the amount of your ticket, but your not gonna complain because your starving and hey look food.

6. Prom theme

Whether it’s a magical night, the Gatsby, Hollywood, under the sea. Your prom will have a theme but the thing is when you get there you will be barely even to tell there is one. Yes there may be a few decorations here and there but there’s nothing big and it will just be the prom

7. Pictures

Yes, you really will leave 1 ½-2 hours to go take pictures. Then you get yelled at by parents telling when and where to go and how to pose down to how your finger is placed.

8. Underclassmen

There isn’t really judgment of underclassmen. Juniors and seniors don’t say go home freshman or sophomore if you somehow go to prom as an underclassman, or they won’t even know you are one.

9. The grand entrance

Pulling up in stretch, hummer, black, or white lions. Photographers flashing pictures of you as soon as you get out and everyone looking flawless and perfect. SIKE. nope everyone just drives up in their cars and wait until the doors to where your prom is.

10. After party(ies)

There really aren’t any, people don’t buy hotel rooms and a bunch of alcohol and throw “bangers”. People aren’t getting drunk, dancing like crazy and hooking up. The closest thing to an afterparty you will get to is going to a fast food place and chilling and then maybe hang out, but then you get home and pass out as soon as you hit your bed.

   So there you have it the whole and absolute truth on prom, yes a lot of the high school movie things aren’t real but prom is still an amazing, magical time. Where you dance like no one is watching and have one of the best nights of your lives with your friends.

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