The Traveller's Dream

By @SummerX

Chapter 1

Felicia - The Daisy

“I dreamt of him during REM sleep last night.” Felicia woke with a start and jotted down this line on her small shabby diary.

It’s the third time of June that she had dreamt of a mysterious man. Felicia didn’t know who he was or what he looked like, but that dream was so vivid that she couldn’t ignore it. 

Soon, she went back to her daily routine. She was a college student who majored in finance and international laws. However, she knew biology well, which is how come she wrote specifically “REM sleep” in her diary. 

Felicia considered her life as boring. On the surface, she seemed meek and insipid, but deep down, she would instead regard herself as a tipsy daydreamer. She didn’t hang out and drink, because she was supposed to be obedient. Today is the repetition of yesterday, and this prolonged pattern has restricted to every aspect of her life. Fortunately, the man in her dream had given her a bit of satisfaction, providing something that she could contemplate in her spare time.

“Today we will continue our discussion from yesterday, which was the industrial capitalism.” The pedantic professor began his lecture in a monotonous tone. The classroom was full of whispers, coughs, drones, and the sound of flipping books. These noises worked in harmony to deliver an elegant lullaby, causing Felicia to fall into another dream. Thankfully, time was limited. With the ceaseless buzzing of the bell, the professor finished his tedious lesson by informing that the final exam was on the next day. 

Felicia already felt numb about tests. Because of the impending holiday, she had to get over these messy procedures. She stood up and walked briskly around to inhale some fresh airs. 

After a whole day’s courses, Felicia escaped from the school and started wandering by herself along the first avenue. She loved roaming, especially for those without any destination and purpose. 

The weather was pleasant in the afternoon. Light clouds drifted across the sky, chased by a fresh, mild wind. The chord of guitar played by young buskers told tourists that this city was vigorous and healthy. 

Below a gigantic sycamore tree, an old lady sat with a yellow basket in front of her. The exuberant flowers in the basket gravitated Felicia to stop and check.

“Good afternoon—” The old woman struck up the conversation, “you look so tired, what’s wrong?”

“Do I?” Felicia paused, she wondered maybe it’s because she devoted all her time and fruitless energy in study.

Felicia picked up and sniffed a daisy from the basket. It was so bright and fresh that it reminded her of that strange dream. Once again, she was suffocated and felt like a spider crawled up to her mouth. She was unable to speak a word.

The woman hurried to grasp the daisy from Felicia. Her gaze looked like an unwillingly resignation.

“I’ve met a time traveller who has the same symptom when holding my flower. It was freezing winter. When I saw him traipsed along muddy roads from the woods and flicked off snows on his shoulder, I knew he had travelled for a long time. Perhaps he came from the past. I don’t remember.” The past lingered in the present, as the old lady lost in her memories with her sweet smile. 

Maybe that time traveller is the person that I’ve dreamt of, Felicia wondered. “Time traveller? What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you learn physics in high school?” The woman grumbled, “It’s common sense when your speed is faster than the light, you can travel through time. It’s a straightforward principle, that man definitely had a

could definitely travel through time.”

Felicia confessed with vanity, “I think I know him, he’s in my dream! He dwells in a remote area with foreign culture and language. Although I don’t know his appearance, I’m sure that he likes me. He wants my love badly!” 

The woman giggled at Felicia’s notions; she told Felicia that in fact, the time traveller had died a long time ago. “But don’t worry! There is something noteworthy. You will know that dreams reflect people’s unconscious thoughts, provided you have read the great legacy ‘the interpretation of dream’ by Sigmund Freud. I reckon what you have experienced was an omen for you. You need to find the real person that you’ve dreamt of because it’s your destiny.”

“Really?—” Felicia felt uneasy. That’s so ridiculous! “I thought my destiny was to finish my college and to be a barrister.”

“Don’t confine in a single pathway. Your life is supposed to be wonderful, a grand journey. If you covet something, strive for it. Do you want to stay in this small city and shackled to a high-stress job for the rest of your life?” The woman asked.

“Of course not! Freedom and happiness are indispensable to me. I’m aching for getting rid of this messy coursework and to have a free life.” Answered Felicia, blushing. 

“That’s what I mean. The world is your oyster.” The woman said, “you gotta go alone, to experience sadness, betrayal, loneliness, and desperation. Go on an adventure; do some amazing things; take photos with random sightseers in the street, and trek across the most inhospitable terrain in the world. The point is, if you’ve never suffered, you don’t know the tingle of exhilaration.”

Life isn’t just about parents, friends, vocation, and success. There is always something out there, something so tempting and splendid that are waiting for you to uncover and learn.

That tour seemed tantalizing, Felicia thought.

“If you find him one day, don’t forget to tell me.” While Felicia was daydreaming, the woman added, “This is my facebook, and this is my Instagram. I will constantly post my new selfies.”

Felicia was surprised by this young, fashion, and open-minded lady. She was unique and generous in this humdrum city, and she also offered her advice to a stranger.

Felicia added her to the contact list readily. 

“You just wasted me so much time! I wasn’t supposed to chat with you.” The woman drawled, “Oh, by the way, my name is Lydia.”

Lydia left with her beautiful basket that full of flowers among which had butterflies and bees fluttered. Felicia was upset because she didn’t have a chance to show off her beautiful name which the ‘F’ is stood for Freedom. 

Dusk was falling when Felicia had to return to the school library and cram for tests. Her AirPods was playing classical music. She felt pleasantly drowsy and had to fight off the urge to sleep. 

Life isn’t all beer and skittles. Felicia finally realized how formidable the review would be if she didn’t participate in seminars and lectures. Every sentence on the book seemed brand new for her. Her brain was commanding her hand to copy down notes from the internet while her eyes must be cautious to keep track of every piece of useful theories and events. Felicia slumped back in her chair, defeated. “I will be more diligent next year,” she rubbed her eyes and made a solemn resolution. 

It was late at night when Felicia exited the library. The murk was pierced by the beam from the lighthouse, but the world was ghost quiet. There was no apparent pedestrian on the road; the streetlights flickered to cast Felicia’s long and thin shadow. 

In spite of scare, she managed to stagger back to her dorm room. She felt relief and happiness when she flopped down upon her soft bed and rested her feet.

Felicia whispered and gradually lost into a sound sleep.

“Let me dream of him. Good night.”

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