By @mohamed


By @mohamed

Kaydo is detective in tokyo japan and have rivaly with the most powerfull man in crime world and things go far away when find him self in series of horror when supernatural things take over

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Chapter 1


Kaydo hatchigi is a 23 years old detective in tokyo ( japan ) and his dream is to arrest the most powerfull man in world crime Rox riyagami , Kaydo never have the evidence to arrest him . one day he was very upset and overthinking

when he was in his way to police taxi park when he didn’t found his car then suddenly remember that he broke her two weeks ago in accident . he remember his chief when he was yelling in his face saying : you are useless and dumb . kaydo cut his yelling and said : soo when my new car will come. The chief with red face : get the hell of here . then kaydo run out the office and said: how i will return to home.then he saw akihito his best friend kaydo saw his best friend cop AKIHITO and said with yelling: hurry up akihito my mother is in danger .akihito said : no problem .then they got fast in police car and blew police car horn and run fast .when they arrive in kaydo house kaydo said : thank you for drive me home you are generous . akihito said in shock : you tricked me ,i believed that your mother is really in danger.kaydo react : yes and i always fools you 13 time before.and both of them lough , and kaydo enter his house and his mom suddenly yelling in his ears : how are you my boy . kaydo said and his hand in his ear covering them : am fine but i wasn’t able to catch him . his mother said : no problem my dear son this is life forget that and focuse in something else.kaydo said with smile in his face : you are right mom .then they eat dinner and in his bed kaydo yelling : mooooooom good night .then his mother loaded the shotgun and said : good night my boy .

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