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The Time Is Near

By @Joyful17

(Based off of Revelation 1)

In this cold, bleak cell, I am kept 

Years of toil, and for the church, tears wept.

Alone at Patmos, here John am I 

Nothing to look at, but dusty floor, and free sky. 

Oh! An old man reminiscing of moments gone by!

Remembering Peter, Paul, Matthew, and the others with a sigh.

But Jesus! Oh to be with Him, to gaze at His face!

To bow down before Him, and revel in His grace!

When I was young, I called myself the ‘beloved one’ of the LORD!

Ha! I would do anything to go back, and hear His words.

But wait, what’s that? A trumpet at the door?

Whose voice is that? Is it Jesus, to be sure?

Trembling my face to the floor falls.

As the Voice of rushing waters calls.

“Don’t be afraid!” So much similar to that “Peace!”

That first time we saw Him alive. He has been with us, to Rome, Asia, and Greece.

But now He stands before me in glory, showing me Himself as He truly is.

His hand touches my shoulder, showing me the future.

It all passes in a blinding whiz.

Oh Lamb of God, won’t you take me with you?

Slowly I realize that my purpose is not yet filled. 

I have muchmore He is calling me to do.

As the vision ends, taking me back to my cell.

I know I have much more to tell.

So, if you are reading this, and have come this far,

The times ahead are near, and filled with pain from the fallen Star.

Soon their will be no more chances, no more time to plea.

When you meet Him it will be tongues bowed, hearts bended on their knees.

You need to come and see the Light now while it still shines.

Be aware, watch carefully for the labor signs. 

You don’t know when the end will come, weeks, days, or years.

Sinner, now repent 

Beware the time is near.

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