The Three

By @KrinKrow

The Three

By @KrinKrow

Its A Poem About Heaven Hell and the Earth

Chapter 1

The three

Follow The Three

Three worlds each of their own purpose.

Three worlds with their own powers and flaws.

The Top world, Made of light and perfection. Many try to reach.

The Top world, Full of Glory and happiness. Only the pure.

The Mid world, Made of indecisive and irrational

The Mid world, Full of Misjudgement and Pain. Only the misunderstood

The Bottom worl, Made of Hate and Fear.

The Bottom world, Full of Misery and Sorrow. Only the Hated

The Three worlds Lie within each other, These worlds Coincide.

These Three worlds are All and None, Break One and They Fall.

They are the key to the Understanding.

To understand is to Fully accept them.

Their teachings and mistakes make them what they are.

To Misunderstand is to Lose sight of all.

Destroy One World and they All crash.

Destroy One World you create The End.

Make A World and you Disrupt the other three.

Make A World and It shall Fall from the lack of understanding

Add to The three Worlds and They will Fall.

Take From the Three Worlds And they to Will Fall.

The Three Worlds Are Relevant to life.

These Worlds Help keep People who live on the three worlds Safe and Sacred.

On Their own these Worlds will Fall and Crumble

On Their own these worlds will recreate themselves.

Follow the Three worlds and they Will bring unexpected things.

Follow the Three worlds and you will get god like Power.

Disobey the laws the three worlds have made and they will destroy you.

Disobey What the Three worlds teach and you will be stripped of your new found power.

In these worlds you find Sanctuary.

In these worlds you are Free of desires and Wants

These worlds give to those who listen and trust them

These worlds give love and beauty to those who are deemed worthy.

If you Do not trust these worlds then you do not exist.

If you fail and Do not find Sanctum in these worlds you will not exist.

For these worlds Are The Question and the Answer.

The Ruler are the Ruled And the Ruled are the Ruler.

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